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  • casmiata casmiata Nov 29, 2012 9:22 PM Flag

    PUKES scream Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!

    Another bleeding heart liberal....let me explain the difference.
    Bush responded to a bunch of flakes who flew planes into US buildings THUS declaring war.
    Bush had our army do their job and some die, regrettably so, but that is there "job". They know it. The four State Deprtment/CIA people were ATTACKED and it wasn't their job to fight anyone. They were victims. I beleive Bush gave Iraq the option to "surrender" but their crazied leader didn't want to. OBAMA, unlike Bush, just stood around and did NOTHING!!!!! to protect Americans. I'll take a person willing to defend Americans to one who doesn't give a whit about anyone but himself.

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    • W. sent THOUSANDS!!! THOUSANDS!!!! of Americans to their death For A LIE!!!! A LIE!!!! THEY MADE COLIN POWELL LIE!!!!! LIE!!!! LIE!!!! to the United Nations. Powell admitted as such A LIE!!!!!!!!!!! Hundreds of THOUSANDS if not a MILLION Iraqis were KILLED!!!! You MAKE ME SICK!!!. Maybe there should have been more security in Benghazi, BUT IT WAS NOT OBAMA'S decision to put people at risk. It was not idiotic decion making like Iraq. Cheney "deficits do not matter"!!!!!!!!!!!!! S I C K E N I N G !!!!!! This guy will be convicted by the international court. He will NEVER be able to travel outside the US. WAR CRIMES!!! He should receive capital punishment.

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