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  • csco_kid csco_kid Feb 22, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

    Message for John Chambers

    You have screwed your shareholders again with your negativism. The PPS went up when the earnings were announced and exactly as you started with your incompetent rhetoric on CNBC, the stock dropped like a rock.

    Now the PPS is less than when the excellent Q performance was announced. Are you so stupid you don't see how you ruin your employee’s performance and the PPS by your stupidity.

    Time for a new CEO that can instill some confidence in this company!

    BTW, time to announce and increase the dividend. Wonder how you are going to blow this one.

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    • Look, give john boy a little slack, at least he is trying, dont forget, this stock was 13.50 a yr ago. he got rid of of the companies that were not performing, and is buying up companies that are going to improve the bottom line, using money from oversees so that tax burden is minimal, plus giving 2.7% div. not bad for waiting for 30% cap gain. he deserves a break

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Appreciate the reply, however; a year ago the stock closed 19.89, 2-21-12 not 13.5, it was at today’s level in early April 12. Then dropped like a rock mid-year, not because of the financial results, it was because Chambers kept shooting off his negative mouth ruining the results every Q… then they would beat and start the cycle again. Q before last, he was more positive and that’s why it went up in recent months but only back to last year’s levels… overall it has gone nowhere. But… he did the same stupid thing this Q and the PPS dropped. They have beaten the numbers every Q recently and the stock goes nowhere.

        Time for Chambers to move on and shut his negative mouth, little john boy was the one that bought all those consumer companies that screwed them up and then sold them at a loss.

        If it wasn’t for his PR ineptitude the stock would be high 20s now.

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