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  • alsmith581 alsmith581 Mar 8, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    It took Bush 8 years to create the havoc

    he created in America that he did,Obama has cleaned up a LOT of it in 4 years.This with 110% OBSTRUCTION from Republicans and teabillies.

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    • On this past Tuesday, even Pat Robertson said he had to admit, the Iraqi War was a big mistake, in wasted American lives and resources.
      What a sad surprise.
      The "main stream media" continues to ignore the reason we were lied into the war,the commentators get lost in the "forest" of " the accuracy of the intelligence of the existence of weapons of mass destruction.What about the the billions (trillions) of $ funneled by The Department Of Homeland Security thru no bid contracts to "friends and business associates" of VP Cheney et al. The major transfer of our "taxpayers' treasure" to these criminals, in my opinion, was the reason to go to War. All other "facts" were Red Herrings to distract us.
      I also strongly believe that The Department of Homeland Security itself was brought into existence to "centralize " the $$$ . Not because this would make the US "safer".......There has never been an accounting of how $$$ was dispersed.....And VP Cheney had his son-law(an attorney) appointed to an important position withing the agency at the beginning of the war.
      It is time to "connect the dots" America has spent over 3 trillion dollars on the Iraq war. That's enough money
      to pay 30 million Americans a 6 figure salary. We did this to prevent Iraq from building weapons that they had no intention of building. We have now lost more American lives in Iraq than we did on 9/11. And the Chimp is responsible for all three Afghanistan, 9.11 and Iraq. What a wonderful Legacy!

    • And Democrats too, you ignorant fool.

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