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  • donkeydouchebags donkeydouchebags Mar 21, 2013 6:05 PM Flag


    since 1973 through their sacred god of abortion....and then they tell us they want to do away with assault rifles (whatever that is!). How many people have assault rifles killled compared to your abortionist's scapels you crazy facking loons!?! If we had those 40 million people contributing to our economy and tax base we wouldn't be in the economic mess we are in now and YOU socialists wouldn't have blood on your hands before God!

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    • see the thing is--the libs have long ago abandoned any kind of conscious about anything other than what buys them political capital. Like an atheistic communist therefore, they are gambling that there IS NO God! That's one heck of a big gamble! Because if they believed in answering to a God, any God, for their treatment of the innocent and defenseless, within moments after their death, they would go nowhere near their current practice of INFANTICIDE. So lib atheists you just need to ask yourself on the day you die: Am I feeing lucky as I breathe this final breath? Well, are you PUNKS?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • You are one of the many people that have a problem with definitions. A fetus is not a baby. Look it up. Then your twisted thinking continues with..."If we had those 40 million people contributing to our economy and tax base we wouldn't be in the economic mess we are in now." I wonder how many aborted births that could have gone to full term would be from under-educated teens that would become part of the already bloated welfare burden. You judge people as if you were God. Freedom of choice, for a woman, should and currently does include that she decides if her pregnancy results in birth. Besides...if the law were to change, abortions would continue regardless. You can argue the morality all you want. Learn to accept reality.

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      • hey karnuts, since when should someone's "freedom of choice" involve murdering another defense human being you wacko, self-centered LIB. A fetus is TOTALLY a human being and many can live outside the womb at the age they are murdered! God has said "thou shall not murder" in His word. Are you a racist? You "JUDGE" these unborn babies assuming they are mostly blacks or other minorities who will end up on the welfare rolls!! On what basis you bigot! Their WORTH has nothing to do with how YOU value them. Many great people were born/adopted from "under-educated teen" women who had babies! I hope Donkey lets you have it too.

    • Liberalism ("progressives" yeah right!) is a mental disease you see. For only in their way of thinking can you by murdering millions of innocent people some how improve the life of an individual or nation, just as only in their way of thinking can RAISING taxes bring about an economic recovery!

    • Oh but the goofy tards have a new plan to increase the tax base now, it's called Gay Marriage! There will be scores of taxpayers that will pop out of their hairy butts from those perverted "unions" dontcha know! lol

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