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  • biddermon_ca biddermon_ca Mar 1, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    Dead in the water

    S&P, DOW, up 9+% in one year, this stock is where it was one year ago. I am a long term holder of JWN, yet one's patience is running out. They increase their dividend, buy backs and it still can't move higher. If you are not a high dividend payer or growth stock the market is not interested. This "soak the rich" stick out of Washington is obviously having an effect on high tier retailers.

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    • This is comical. I'm an employee of Nordstrom. There has been no such consolidation. If anything, Nordstrom is growing. You might have heard, were expanding into Canada with 5 stores in the near future and finally into New York City. Also, our online growth potential is enormous.

      People, don't listen to this guy. He made up "facts" about the company that have no base. Ask him to provide a link to his info....he won't have it.

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      • You are a Koolaid drinker and completely missed the point. You must be one of the new twenty somethings Nordstrom is replacing the older higher paid employees with, or someone from the Rack they have brought over to the mainline store. Look around, how many department managers do you see over forty. Take the LA market, Nordstrom is combining LA/OC with SD as added responsibilities for regionals with no additional compensation, that's called consolidation...I have owned this stock much longer than you ever worked for wise up!

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    • I don't see how the stock price on JWN can be blamed on politics. I agree that it is frustrating that it has not moved substantially in a year. Once it gains any momentum it is taken down by short selling and "stories" by analysts - such as having poor guidance because they are investing more into the business than the analysts thought they should. (market version of unions)

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      • **I don't see how the stock price on JWN can be blamed on politics**

        Everything sooner or later is based on politics. Tax loopholes, taxes, regulations, utility cost, jobs, inflation, and the list goes's really not that complicated.

        BTW, it looks as if JWN is doing another round of job cuts and consolidation of jobs for those left. In the last days many large companies are announcing layoffs of more folks. They can get away with this because their are no jobs. In the short run maybe a good idea to control overhead, yet, in the medium, and long run a dumb idea.

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