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  • mobiletechsolutions Feb 7, 2013 8:45 PM Flag

    Operational Highlights: BooooooYeahhhhhhh

    Operational Highlights:

    • Cereplast has begun to sell its first Cereplast Hybrid Resins® application in India. This milestone follows the Company's opening of a corporate office in India to service its partners in South Asia and the appointment of a Technical Services Engineer to provide on-site services. Management visited India several times to assist with the marketing launch of our resin.

    • The same Cereplast Hybrid Resins® grade utilized for the safety helmet application was qualified by a large converter of S-B Polymers to make bioplastic buckets. This potential customer is one of three dedicated converters who manufacture buckets for a large consumer products company in India. This relationship has a projected demand of several thousand tons per month.

    • Each of these opportunities in India would allow us to monetize the inventory recouped from our European customers.

    • A.R.M.Y. made a formal presentation of Cereplast's Compostable 3002 resin to the engineering and marketing departments of "Tirumala Thirupathi Devastanam," an independent trust which manages the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, the largest shrine in the world. The presentation resulted in the commercial test of 25,000 bags over a 60 day period to test strength and reception of the product.

    • The Italian government has reinstated legislation calling for the ban of non-compostable resins. Management believes this legislation will be implemented by the end of 2012.

    • Several large supermarket chains have expressed an interest in Cereplast Compostables® resins for bags and orders have been made to test the product.

    • Cereplast successfully tested their Hybrid 101 product for fruit and vegetable shipping baskets. The addressable market for this application is several thousand tons per month.

    • Cereplast Hybrid 651D wins MATERIALICA Design + Technology 2012 silver award for outstanding innovation in the "Material" category.

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    • lets hope the wallstreat posts this news.. to bring in more investor to CERP...

    • That is a great job of posting previous news posted by the agencies. The only items which are noteworthy AT This Time, is when they will rec. the money for the new orders. Also, how much debt do they currently have? It's all about profit. No profit, not worth talking about. Could be and might have stories do not apply. All hooplah comments. I agree this co. is starting to look good, but over time, and only if they keep rec. new orders.
      AND they deal with co.s who will default on payments to Cerp!


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      • Have you actually read any of the PR from CERP? Anything? If so you might have read the below PR which states they have already received the money from the new orders and have an entirely new sales and shipment policy. The only hooplah I see here is your post, once again posted by someone with half the information they need and no facts to back up their statements. With the recent restructure and the R&D expenses behind them the only thing they need are sales the profit will be there based on margin info and prior sales figures I don't have the time to post here. And the sales are coming in daily.

        To provide the Company with the required working capital to continue operations, approximately $1 million in short term convertible debt and equity financing was completed. In order to maximize these new investments, the Company has enacted an operational restructuring strategy which includes a reduction in operating costs. Additionally, the Company has taken aggressive cost cutting measures, which include a furlough for production employees and a reduction in its worldwide headcount to 17 employees.

        In order to improve cash flow, the Company adjusted their sales and shipment policy, requiring payment in advance of shipment and reducing terms to less than 30 days for large domestic companies.

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    • Very nice list of accomplishments, especially from a currently 5 cent stock.

      Getting to know a company in the way you summarized is very helpful in at least determining if 5 cents is really appropriate for this stock. My opinion is a company with increasing levels of intellectual property and products that are sellable on a global scale is worth far more than the current trading level of 5 cents.

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