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  • curlyjowayne curlyjowayne Feb 12, 2013 12:14 AM Flag

    I don't believe anything anyone writes, and

    I wish I could believe half of what I hear. It would be so nice to have more honesty in and around the stock market. Experienced Investors won't even help new rookie investors. They are totally confused, but they need to read more about the techniques of buying and selling stocks. There are a lot of truth in those stock books.

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    • My friend, I will tell you all I have learned in 4 short years of this game. The price of a stock is not based on fundamentals, but rather, the perception of fundamentals. You have to remove emotions from your trading And learn from your errors. I find a new wrinkle almost daily. I incurred 5 total losses early on and since then I have rebounded to being up 12%. An error just caused me to miss out on a $4500 profit but the beauty is that I realized the error immediately and I won`t make it again. Go to you tube and type in Steve Bigalow candlesticks, he will show you entry and exit points. I would love to have a second pair of eyes and I see why a lot of brokerage houses were two guys. This is a fast moving game and you have to Brighton the opportunities the market presents. Good luck.

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    • Curly...Good points.

      I've been investing online now for 2 months. I've bought and sold around 30 stocks so far, some of which I held for weeks and some of which I held for hours. So, I've made a lot of decisions based on knowledge about an industry, reading about the company, tips here and there on message boards, hunches, reading trends, and other things that I just picked up.

      There are a lot of people who say things on these boards that are blatantly self serving and that don't include evidence to support what they say. But I've been learning that I can pick up at least a little bit of info from even the most self serving post, whether it be blatant pumping or blatant bashing or blatant promotion of some other stock. It's taken me two months to start getting the hang of taking a nugget or two of even the most obviously self serving of posts.

      I've only recently started making posts and find that I do like the online interactions. I've also observed that there are a lot of people who looking to share their thoughts and be helpful. And people can be very respectful and provide their experiences when they are asked or when a topic is left open for discussion. It's also nice to find a sort of mini online community on each board.

      Regarding learning tips from more experienced investors, I've only just started doing that in the last couple of weeks. I've found that if I write a post that shares a little bit of what I observe or learn about a stock and then ask a specific question or ask for other peoplesv experiences. It seems to me that I receive the most help or suggestions or sharing of experiences when I first give a little bit of information, like a simple observation. So, regarding directly getting a few nuggets of insight from other investors, I think the key is to give a little info that others may find helpful first, and then ask a specific question or welcome others' feedback. I find that Ivve been getting a lot of good info from people when I do that.

      Also, we're all self serving and are wanting to make money off the stock market in some way. So, I think it's important to read responses very carefully, because we all want certain things to hap'pen and we all want them at different times. For instance we all want to get into a stock at a low price and then sell at a higher price, but we all probably became acquainted with the stock at different times. And, this is likely to influence what any person writes, no matter how homest they are.

      In my two months of trading, I've only looked up references and did some brief reading of articlse about investing. My first two months I've sort of just been winging it. I've had some winning decisions and losing decisions, but each decision was different and I learned from them all. I think there is tremendous value in just having made decisions and learning from them. But, I soon intend to pick up some investing/trading 101 books and read some articles on the fundamentals of successfully makig money through investing/trading.

      A quick summary- I'm personally learning a lot from collecting the info I collect, making a decision, putting some money behind the decision, and see where it goes. I am now also finding it helpful to post some thoughts and ask for comments/feedback/specific suggestions on a stock or situation. And, I agree that it's good to read books or short aricles or references like Wikipedia to learn basics. I think all of these are helpful. I'll be starting to do that as well.

      I also genuinely think that I can have good experiences interacting with each other, and Ivve enjoyed my interactions with others, even through quick two or three sentence exchanges. But, people are not here to educate me or you. People are here to make money for themselves. That includes me. Taking some classes may be good option too, like at a community college or community classes or places like Scottrade offices. There, the instructor should be more focused on helping a person learn. On these message boards, we're all looking for information and tips on making money. So if a person provides some information, observation, or insight first, they are more likely to get the same in return.

      These are just my thoughts anyway.

      Oh, and even as I've written this, I've been serving my own interest in discovering and developing my thoughts through writing. I do want to see you succeed, but this response has been as much about helping me as it has been about providing some insight to you in response to your post. I hope it might help others as well. But, importantly to me, I learned a lot through writing this response.

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