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  • ryan_f Apr 10, 2013 6:26 PM Flag



    I am considering picking up 1 million shares at this price. what do you think?

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Ryan,

      I think the company has something good to offer. So, I am willing to gamble on a good outcome.

      I picked up 3 million shares at this price in the past. I voted a total of 3.3 M shares against the RS and Additional Shares. I came to peace with the results of the vote, however. Anyway, I sold the shares, made a profit, used some of the profit to buy 1 M shares at a lower price, and yesterday added 2M shares @ 0.196 PPS. I know it is a gamble as Jake and Nuts would tell you and as Kreality would say; but, I am betting that the news after the meeting will bump the price. I know I could be wrong, but where can you have a stock go up 2 cents and you have doubled your money? Or, as it did earlier, go up to 6 cents and triple your money (if only I had known I would have sold then and repurchased more on the decline!) And, I think that if there is any news that is good coming out of the meeting, that it will bump. Look back at what happened before when the $800,000 in sales were listed before. This is my opinion only, though.

      Good luck to you and all the other investors.

    • If you don't mind losing 10K in quick order, then go ahead. The remaining 10K you can recover after you've come to your senses and bailed out when it goes down sub-penny. Just my opinion.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Fools run in and lose thier shirt ..... another I want to be a millionaire in a week. OK even though I am negative on this stock, would wait for surprise I am sure will happen next week, and then the reverse split ....... seriously would not put 20K in any penny stock that is s vague and seems to rely on one country ... and one that was a big enemy in days gone by !

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Mako is going nowhere buy cerp at this low level,i played mako for yrs,

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      • How much money did you loose at MAKO? I am 100% that my opinion on MAKO, never going below $10.00, is very acurate, for now of course. I have also being playing them for a while but not for years like you did and lost money. Yes buy CERP but not $20k worth of it. I am also a gambler, I have a big gamble at SCHSQ that is looking better and better everyday even after people hated me for liking them and bashing me about how they were gonna go no where and make sure I turn the light off etc. and go check out what happened today cha ching

    • I just replied to this and it got deleted. My short answer this time. I would not put $20K in here even thou I own CERP. Go play MAKO or some stock like that. MAKO makes me $2 ps per week. Play them right and get yourself some house money to play CERP.