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  • omnesion omnesion Jun 25, 2013 6:41 PM Flag

    Please quit whining and/or bashing ...

    It gets tiresome. If you can't come up with some creative original rumors to start or some actual insight that hasn't been posted a thousand times, just don't post. I feel like I'm reading the musings of a bunch of kindergarteners on here. Here's what's happening with CERP: They're trying to stay afloat and turn the company into a profitable venture. This won't happen overnight, and in the meantime, they'll continue to dump shares on the market to raise cash while they continue to try to make sales and expand their client base. No one knows how long it will take. Even they don't know how long it will take. What did you expect when you bought this stock? The shares only cost a few pennies a piece. This isn't the Nasdaq or the NYSE. It's the OTC and you're gambling that CERP will turn things around one day. They may not. I'm betting they will. I don't even know why most of you bother whining and complaining about Scheer and company. They're trying to make it work. They're doing their jobs as best they know how. If you think it's a bad bet, don't buy shares in it. It's really that simple. Don't get all mad at the CEO because he releases fluff PR's when you whine like little girls if he doesn't release any PR at all. THERE'S NOT MUCH TO RELEASE RIGHT NOW! If you can't start a cool rumor so that I can flip some shares and buy back in at these prices again, then don't bother whining, and if you're bashing, just shut up, because everyone knows you're bashing so that you can buy in cheaper or you wouldn't bother posting on this board in the first place. It's not like this highly tactical stuff you're pulling on us. We know what you're doing. Now ... go find out some interesting new information about Cereplast or hack an AP Twitter account or something and make up a really cool buyout story.

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    • Talk about stating the obvious...sheesh...
      What are you, the board dad?
      If the sheep want to take what you say to heart, that is their choice, but people should never base their choices off of posted messages. From anyone.
      Everyone here has their own agenda. How they are going to make money.
      I would not follow anyone's advice over the cliff.
      Omnesion, you have a 50 50 chance of being right.
      Nobody here has insider information about what will occur. Nobody...

      Do you own homework and trade based on what you find...Not off someones supposed knowledge and rumors.

      Yep...there it is...

    • jstokcton Jun 26, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

      I bought a nice size. I'm just gonna wait until next year. 2013 will be ok, but 2014 and beyond is what I'm waiting for. I bought some shares for my kids, so in 10-15 years they will be set.

      This is the future and has not caught on yet, this is like solar now. I have a lot of patience and time.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I think it will bounce back, hopefully. I believe by mid july or close to end of july with some positive sales. We might see. 05+ ( again thats my believe). Time will tell. I will take a break fron this board. I am holding this, because there are tons of penny stock trading at. 10/.20/.25 without any rev/sales/employee. I think this us just a bump in the road. Good luck.

    • I think you came up with a good one Omnesion.......Omnesion on market pulse........

      " $CERP RUMOR: Novamont S. p. A. and Cereplast, Inc. are in negotiations to lease/merge Algaeplastproduct to Novamont for approx. $100M/year."
      ........................Love it, anybody buying on a rumor deserves what they get! At least your creative!

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    • snype is still weeping because you didn't bring him a t-shirt from the Bahamas.
      Apparently the rest of the mad bashing crowd wasn't astute enough to get out when this thing fell hard some time ago.
      I'm in lightly for pennies. It's going to happen or it's not.
      I really would like it to happen, but I won't turn crazed basher if it doesn't.

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 2 Replies to donco509
      • Thank GOD! One less. LOL. Yeah ... if I had my druthers, I'd have sold near .05 and just waited until today to buy back in, but I don't have a crystal ball either. I didn't anticipate this amount of dilution this soon, but it doesn't really matter, if you think about it. In a way, the sooner they get it over with, the better, as long as they keep it in this trading range. Then when sales do come down the pipe, the technicals might actually mean something and we'll have a nice chart to look at. In the meantime, I'll just wait it out. Good luck.

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      • Well put donco! Same here! CERP has a very odd mb GLTA...........longs

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