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  • omnesion omnesion Jul 17, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    I'd love to be wrong, but ...

    This morning's trading has dilution written all over it. 3M on the bid and it was filled all at once at .019 and very little other volume. This is strictly a a long-term play at this point, in my opinion (and I've got a rather huge position, so I'm not bashing it by any means). I think it's a long-term Strong Buy and a short-term Q2Q swing-trade. Just my 2 cents. GLTA.

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    • Omnesion, just a thought, I have a buy order at $1. check out VELT if you want to make some quick cash. I thing today was bottom at .98. After intel's release and talks about mobile I think VELT will be bouncing. In my opinion it is over sold because of how bad it has been beaten down to where its at today. Good luck.

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      • Thanks, man. I'll look at it, but I've been ALMOST burned SOOOOO many times by VELT. I'm not superstitious, but that stock honestly scares me. LOL. Could be that it's truly oversold and due for a bounce, though ... finally. I appreciate the tip. BTW, have you looked at TZYM/OCRX today (and dgllommen, wherever you are, dude)? Up 40 freakin percent today after a 12-1 RS! That comes to .73/share pre-split. I'm kicking myself for selling at around .52 now. If any old TZYMers read this and held, congratulations!

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    • You are right, and at this point i am highly regretting for not taking profits in May.

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      • Yeah. But anything can happen, man. I mean, I increased my position to what it is because of some things that make me believe this could be a 10 bagger, but there's just no way to tell because of all of the unknown variables (like dilution). The thing is, something HUGE could happen at any time, so this really is one of those lottos stocks. I honestly just can't see much downside to it, and I can afford to hold it until, well, forever, so I still think it's an excellent bet. It'd be nice to see some more volume, but it is what it is. Anyone who isn't up by a nice margin this year probably shouldn't be trading, given the bull market we've been in, so it's my opinion that this is exactly WHEN you make the long-term lotto plays. Hell, it could turn out to be much more than a 10 bagger, but again, I have no idea on the timeline. Hang in there, man. GL.

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    • jstokcton Jul 17, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

      Hey omnesion, could be, that would be bad, but that's part of the game. I bought a nice chunk and just gonna sit this one out until next year. They're making an effort with the move and consolidation. This could be incredibly profitable or we can lose it all. This is the future, no doubt about it, it's just a matter of when. The question is how patient will the investors be.

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      • I agree. I'm not bashing it at all. And for the record, I don't think there's a very good chance of losing it all AT ALL. Patience will be required, though. I was just making a comment on the trading activity this morning. I'll repeat it once more: I STILL think anything under .03 is a Strong Buy, long-term.

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    • So many better places to make money. I don't get why you are in this. You seem like you know what you are doing but not here. Good luck though.

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