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  • plfblue7 plfblue7 Dec 17, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    SHADES of GMXR and LPR

    Amazing that someone can't connect the dots. As I expected this would be selling under $4 by the end of this year and here it is and still falling. The worst is yet to become. This company has no future and it will be bankrupt within 18 months like GMXR and LPR. Shorting these bogus companies has been profitable and this one will be complete a "hat trick" for me. So the future prediction will be................................................... "SHADES of GMXR, LPR and FST."

    Can't you hear the "Lady Singing" at least faintly...turn off the lights the party is over.
    Look for under $3 by end of January 2014.... under $2 by end of first quarter of 2014 then everyone starts running for the exit door.....


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    • Thank you FST longs my Hat Trick is complete. GMXR LPR and now FST. And management never loses. They will BK this early next year and wipe out the stock holders like GMXR and LPR did and come out of BK with full ownership of the land. FST is burnt bacon.... EOM done

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    • Amazing this company is still around gasping for air with little hope and a great deal of incompetent management to lead it further and slowly down the drain.

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    • FST running behind schedule but I am sure FST will make it up during the next
      trading days and begin it's journey to the mid 2's and head for the final
      stretch run of painfully taking all the equity investors down like a down bound
      train into oblivion. Connect the DOTS people because it will be slow and
      debilitating to all those invested in FST sort of like those investors of GMXR
      and LPR. I am waiting for my Hat Trick to complete this will be interesting to
      say the least.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell