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  • kteerga kteerga Oct 29, 2009 3:49 PM Flag

    electric utilites are reporting tomorrow- what about AES

    on Monday? I am considering another purchase of this stock because I think earnings will be positive, but the other electrical utility companies reporting tomorrow dont look so great. I am expecting there to be a bit of disappointing numbers after doing some research. Should I wait and get back in tomorrow when AES goes lower?

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    • What was that you were saying about High P/Es?

      AES has a forward P/E of ~10 and a PEG below 1.

      At least get your own facts straight before accusing others of not knowing what they are talking about.

      Do you actually have it in your mind that a 10 P/E with a PEG under 1 is overpriced?

      Here we go with the standard "the books cant be trusted" response.

      Dont do that. Try doing your own thinking for a change.

    • Tuck your cut and pastes always entertain me. The gap refers to technical gaps not the excessive paste that you provided. The whole market needs to fill the gap down and up. You said that a gap needed to be filled down to 10...what in the world where you referring to then? I enjoy reading your posts but you seriously contradict yourself on a regular basis. K just read through tuck's post and you will see what I mean.

    • Look, I dont know much about options of fancy trading but I can say that I am excellent at research and think this one will move on Monday. AES should slam earnings. I was planning to buy today but didn't and will possibly regret it (the only reason I didnt buy this was because I was already heavily invested in other things). Earnings will send this one to the moon, I think.- unlike the other utility companies.

    • How's that jumping in and out worked for you so far? Irrespective of your recent poor timing, I think that the current price of 13.54 is a good entry point if you are a long term investor. When it is at $20 a share it won't really matter whether you paid a quarter more or less. On the other hand, if you plan on being out by next Friday....well, I was never very good at that.


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