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  • raceagainstthewind raceagainstthewind Nov 11, 2009 5:49 AM Flag

    Terrific, another large dilution

    hence the sell off......

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    • That's right - sleep it off. You haven't the goods to compete let alone make money in the stock market. Time to retire for the good of this Board.

    • Shorty lies! Yawn........

    • Just to give you an idea how I think...

      In the first place the projected growth rate is a composite of about 25 analysts and is published by Yahoo. Should you take the bother, go back to my post and read the web page shown there. The projected number is 2.4%. The GDP number is not at all arbitrary, rather, it is from the beige paper of the Federal Reserve Bank and is frequently quoted by Barnacke. I documented my comments, but I see nothing from you wherein you document anything but some wild claims of 16% for a one year growth. Your post is simply a collosal mis- quote and a lot of rubbish. Your friend the Corporal Scared Crapless, whom is no better than you, is quick to accuse somebody of not thinking, all the while wallowing in a sea of crap. He claims to have 60,000 shares of AES, but anybody in his right thinking knows that it's bullsh*t.

      Furthermore, AES is a North American company and is measured by American standards not necessarily by the country it has holdings in. In some cases, those holdings are tenuous at best. Just put on your thinking ccap, if you have one, and think sabout the fact that bookkeeping standards vary from one country to the next. How can you evaluate the metrics of differing standards? And how do you project currency rates of exchange from year to year, which by the way make up a large percentage of AES's revenue.

    • He/She/it doesn't think.
      Only mumbles and drools occasionally.

    • Average investors think China is diluting AES. In fact, China just gave AES a large blank check to make huge future returns by building out their electricity supply base.

      Average investors will sell in disapointment at the seeming dilution and then watch bitterly as AES doubles and triples in price over the next few years.

      Some of them might even pull out of AES and invest in some hot China growth stock to add irony to injury.

      Good luck dilutionists.

    • Preferred climbing, common dropping....

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