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  • wcjud wcjud Jul 24, 2007 2:36 PM Flag

    Question for Dar

    I have owned PCU since 2006. I am LONG, but a small investor with only 250 shares. I am very happy with this stock and agree it still has some way to go. I too am retired and I am diversified, and now am looking to increase my shares of PCU. Having watched this board for a long time, I must complement you as being the most inteligent poster here.

    I have been looking for a real dip to buy and missed my chance early in July. What are your thoughts on waiting some more?

    Thanks for any insight!

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    • If you really want to buy more consider buying 2 Jan or Mar '08 115 calls. You can get the appreciation without the exposure. You risk losing your whole $2,000 but that is it. PCU could stumble one day, drop 10 points and slide under 100 and never recover.

      The idea that this stock is a dividend play is over. Too many momentum players are now in PCU and they will be gone at the first whiff of trouble.

      Now Dar, what are those earnings going to be???

    • market. Hope PCU doesn't have any "earnings surprises". Next thing you'll hear is PCU is heavily invested in sub-prime. Up to now, I only thought "sub-prime" was a sandwich. Wish I had moved my 401k to the fixed income option.... Oh well

    • I will not opine on a specific trade for a specific person because I don't know anything about that person's financial profile. What in my opinion may be a great trade for "X" may also be in my opinion an unwise trade for "Y". Do your own DD (including reading SEC filings), take note of the credible info and opinions posted here and make your own investment or trading decisions.

      I generally post my trades and trading intentions along with my reasons. I have also disclosed a good portion of my investment profile and my investment objectives. Those who want to ride my coattails may, whether or not their profile and/or objectives match mine.

      I occasionally post a general trading opinion like the following posted here on 6/27 a little after 10 am. Anybody could have bought for under 90 on 6/27, less than a month ago. Lots of people post they are waiting for a dip. Well, they had one on 6/27 and I called it. Hmmmm, 90 on 6/27 to 115.....up 27.78% in less than a month. Here's the post:

      "Now's your chance

      Crossing 90 triggered a bunch of stops. Crossing 89 triggered more. I wasn't fast enough. By the time I typed an order in the low 88s it was already back over 89.

      Here's your chance for under 90. A fast end to the strikes means a fast 5 bucks. Longer strikes means a decent entry point for record 2Q earnings and a fat divi."

      I don't see how I can be more explicit than the above. If you want to move on my calls ya gotta pay attention.

      Also be aware: If my crystal ball were bullet-proof I'd be sitting on my 400 ft yacht instead of typing this. Just because I make a call doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Nevertheless, I'm thumping my chest over that 6/27 call.

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