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  • dar200 dar200 Mar 28, 2013 5:30 PM Flag

    My 1Q darlings and dogs--off topic

    Hey, Rog, maigin is good in a rising market. My 1Q return on equity for 1Q is 16.89%. This includes dividends, flip gains and market appreciation after subtracting margin interest paid. S&P 500 is my benchmark. Index, without dividends is up 10.03%, so add about .6% for dividends = about 10.63%. I hope I end the year more than 6 percentage points better than the index.

    NRF is my best performer, blowing by SCCO to be my largest position, is up 34.66%, price only--excluding dividends. Second is BMY, an old lady's stock, at 26.39%, price only. Third is SUI, my 3rd largest at 23.67%.

    Worst dogs of the quarter are FTR, down 6.8%, excluding dividends. Second worst is my second largest position, SCCO, down .77%. Thrid worst is ARR, up .93%.......all price change only.

    Would like to hear about 3 best and 3 worst in others' portfolios. Feel free to join

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    • I was up 5.49% for Q1. Not so hot, though I did outperform the S&P by a hair in 4Q 2012. Also, my brokerage account is 30% cash now, so muted returns are to be expected. My real bungle is not moving this stale money into an account that yields more than 0.01%.

      Congrats to those with big returns.

    • I was up a little over 40% for the 1st Quarter. It just might be a epic year. Than God we have a Democrat in office.

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      • Because of this democrat in office I am almost completely out of the market. Frankly until the rule of law is restored one has to be insane to play in the stock and bond markets.
        This #$%$ is a disgrace to the republic and justice. When political hacks like Corzine can steal over a billion of dollars from their clients and not even worry about prosecution, no ones money is safe.
        Obama is the worst president in my memory - actually makes Nixon look like a saint.

      • Shredneyvashnar

        Far be it from me to question your stellar performance ….. but, your post is of NO BENEFIT to anyone on this board unless you support it with a little data.

        For instance, what were your YTD top three performers, what were your three worst performers YTD, additionally, what are your current top three holdings. A little insight into your current feelings on these holdings would also be helpful. Moreover, did your stellar performance result primarily from flips or from the holding of huge winners?

        As you know, we on this board from time to time discuss far more than SCCO. This is one of those times. We all invest to make a profit and if, at times, we share a bit knowledge to either benchmark our individual performances or more importantly, provide insight for others to consider then in my view, that's a good thing.

        But …... just saying I was up 40% in the 1st quarter adds NOTHING to the conversation and anyone who was up 40% in the 1st quarter obviously has a great deal knowledge to share.

        So …... get with it.

    • Bank of America 5.2%
      Energy Transfer Partners 20.5%
      Altria 10.9% Largest position
      Abbvie 18.8%
      Abbott 11.1%
      CSX 25.6%
      Mosiac 5.7%
      Phillip Morris 11.9%
      Starbucks 6.6% Smallest position
      Southern Copper -0.1%
      Verizon 14.9%


    • Dar my YTD performance is up 10.44% all things included (including the GOOD div not yet recorded in my account).

      When compared to DOW I'm now down .81%, with the S&P I'm up .41% and against the NASDAQ I'm up 2.22%. My primary objective is to beat all three of these but with my current investment strategy it may be tough. Although my cash amount hasn't changed the percentage of cash has gone down.

      My three best performers YTD (including divis) are #1. NRP up 28.41% (a recovering loser) don't buy, #2. FBHS a winner that pays no div is up 28.1% and #3. SSWis up 26.69% a good hold for me, worth a look.

      My worst three performersYTD ( including divs where applicable) are #1. CTL down 8.83%, fortunately I don't own much #2. MSB down 8.68%, nice div, I'll continue to hold and #3. PZG down 3.88% YTD which is a spec gold miner I took a flyer on and I'll continue to hold since I'm up better than 22% from my entry point last year.

      I find this info sharing interesting as long as everyone who shares is completely honest. I'll be looking at your winners to see if they might fit my portfolio at some point in time.

      Market performance this year has delighted me but I can't help but think that we're in for a pull-back. I short if I ended up in this position relative to the market at year-end I'd be satisfied as long as my overall gain is north to 10% to 12%. A pull-back would allow me to use some cash.

      Best of Luck ..... Roger

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      • Added info. only ...... these are my current largest three holdings.

        #1. DTE steady eddy decent gain YTD with div. Held in a non-IRA account.
        #2. CSX excellent YTD gain but not sure what it will do from here. Would pare some if I knew where to go and didn't tale a significant tax hit. Held in a non-IRA account.
        #3 SCCO everybody knows the story. Held in IRA and non IRA accounts.

        QUESTION: This year I have to sell (or transfer) some IRA holdings due to age. Schwab tells me I can transfer specified lots of holdings to one of my non-IRA accounts. This has to be done thru them to can correctly effect the transfer. If I do this and then SELL some of those lots I ASSUME my cost basis be the original pre-transfer basis for those lots. If I'm correct, this could offset some potential tax liability. Something to think about ..... I'll try to confirm my thinking with Schwab next week.

        What do youse think?

      • Correction, on PZG I'm up 11.5% from my entry point last year NOT "better than 22%". A childish math error ..... sorry, I've got an old abacus.

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