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  • rogluther rogluther Oct 2, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    Wanna Bet?

    Who do you think will benefit most from the government shutdown?

    History tells us its the government workers that get sent home because of the shutdown.

    They get time off and when called back they get the pay they missed retroactively. Nice scam ..... get rewarded for doing zero after you have been declared non-essential by your government employers...... what gives?

    If I had to wish for two results from this scam they would be: #1. that non-essential employees who got time off would NOT get paid for the time they missed and #2. that ALL government employees HAD to live with Obamacare without subsidies. Wanna bet that this will NEVER happen?

    Can anyone say ..... "do as I say NOT as I do".

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    • Well, I guess I won my bet ..... but I was hoping I'd lose the bet and get my wishes fulfilled.

      Here's another bet ..... we will never see the total cost (in $$$) of paying non-essential government workers who STAYED HOME in the main stream media AND it's unlikely we'll ever see how much subsidized gold plated health care for government workers costs discussed in the main stream media.

      My only other hope is that there are plenty of stupid healthy younger people that decide to sign-up for Obamacare ...... somebody has to pay for health care, why shouldn't it be the stupid lemmings who spend their time to facebooking and texting but have no idea how they're getting screwed or how much of their future is being siphoned off by the bloated, inefficient, unaccountable government they keep electing. I guess there's a price to pay for stupidity ..... its called your future. If the government takes too much of your earnings and doesn't leave you enough to live on in the way you THINK you are entitled you can always borrow to get what you want or need. But, that would only prove that you've let yourself be led into another trap .... idiot.

      Didn't Bernie Madoff get sent to prison for a Ponzi scheme? Maybe he was ahead of his time and was just setting a good example for our politicians. We should let him out of the slammer and give him a medal for his foresight.

      But, look on the bright side ..... everything will be just fine until we run out of other people's money or, until the money you've worked a lifetime to accumulate can't buy you a book of matches as happened in post WW1 Germany. I'm not saying it will happen anytime soon but we're on the right path.

      The only possible solution ...... vote ANYONE in office OUT OF OFFICE (federal, state and local). A wake-up call is long overdue and it is after all ..... your future and your money.

      Hey, I'm only trying to spice-up this board and ..... it amuses me.

    • Government can't live with it and can't live with out it. Just let me live rich with copper.

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