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  • chetgillespie chetgillespie Nov 26, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    Has Copper Already Peaked?

    If so then it foretells the sooner than later eventual peak in the overall markets. By all metrics the current market is the third most overvalued market of all time after 1929 and 2000. We're nearing the Market Cap/GDP ratio of 2000, the highest level of margin debt of all time - 2.2% or $330B, one of highest Case Shiller PE ratios of all time, corporate profits at 11% vs 6% long term historic average, white hot IPO market. We'll eventually see wide scale panic.

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    • Thanks for the warning. I just saw an ad for 1,000 Federal XM855 Black Friday special.I think I'll buy 2 cases just in case. In case in case comes, I can use them or sell half for a big profit.

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      • Dar, I have some minor issues with your choice.

        Federal XM855?

        If "in case" happens have you considered the damage that a 62 gr. steel core round could do to your walls (plumbing, appliances, etc.)? If you survive "in case" you'll likely have to pay a lot for more self inflicted damage repair .... maybe not an issue considering the alternatives.

        Secondly, is your clone a 1 x 7 twist or a 1 X 12 twist? This ammo is designed for the 1 X 7 military twist but will still function with a 1 X 12 twist, just not optimally.

        Lastly, my preference for a home defense weapon is still a shotgun. My latest creation is an 1100 with the barrel cut to 14" but with an antique 4" Cutts compensator silver soldered to the end to keep it legal and a Cutts spreader choke added. I load it with # 7 1/2's which pattern beautifully for interior use. For longer range use I do have a good selection of other weapons just "in case".

        Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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