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  • kenpalley2000 kenpalley2000 Apr 22, 2014 10:46 AM Flag

    Divident announcement soon?

    Should be soon. I predict close to or at $.20. Any other guestimates? GLL


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    • I guess we will find out Thursday. It's a little odd they are announcing the dividend so late. Normally they announce it before they announce the earnings.

    • 20 cents? You musta been at that Denver smoke-in and inhaled waaayyyy too much.

      Thank your lucky stars at 12 cents. Get ready for 10.

      I would not put it past Grupo to reduce the dividend to 5 cents or even eliminate it entirely to drive the price down so they can buy more on the cheap. The capex budget gives them plenty of "prudence" cover against a breach of duty lawsuit. It really comes down to how much Larrea wants out of Grupo via AMC.

    • Hmmm ...... Here's the way I look at it Ken.

      Why would SCCO increase the divident? The answer is to make SCCO slightly more appealing to some shareholders (especially GRUPO) and to perhaps amp-up the share price a little. The disadvantage is the loss of cash which would be used for CAPEX and less debt. Additionally, IF I'M CORRECT in stating that a higher divident MAY amp-up share price ....... then why would SCCO do that IF they're still buying shares.

      Your .20 estimate would put the divident at about 2.6% at today's share price and represent a huge percentage increase ..... I don't see that happening.

      In the final analysis, there's only one thing that really matters ..... what does GRUPO want to do. If you're correct and the divident goes up what does that tell us ..... that GRUPO has a better use for the cash than SCCO? If so, that prompts more questions.

      My guesstimate is the divident will remain where it is.

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