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  • rogluther rogluther Apr 30, 2014 1:00 PM Flag

    Makes Perfect Sense???

    Hmmm ..... as I post, Gold is down, Silver is down, Copper is down, SCCO profits are down, GDP is a HUGE disappointment and the DOW and S&P are UP and SCCO's share price is UP slightly.

    Does this make any sense?

    It makes me wonder what is going on in the background to bolster this seemingly unexplainable diversion and HOW LONG CAN IT GO ON? If I were into conspiracy theories I'd suspect the heavy hand of the plungers in advance of a mid-term election ..... but that's just me.

    If nothing changes the old saw of "sell in May and go away" may prove to be doubly true this year. It's too bad that I can't really do a wholesale sell without sending a significant amount of $$$ to the government in the form taxes and thereby enabling the addict ..... they've trapped me.

    What to do ...... free-up cash by selling the few poor performers that I hold or at least the few poor preforming lots that I hold and then wait to re-enter the market and/or buy more insurance in the form of Gold or especially Silver. This will take some thinking ..... something that becomes more difficult as one ages.

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    • Yes, it makes perfect sense. Q1 is over and low GDP number is explained, for good or bad, by bad weather. It seems that market takes this explanation with full faith and expects stronger growth in subsequent quarters.

      Copper should rebound in Q2 because Q1 concerns about Chinese growth were exaggerated by tabloids, as usual. In meantime LME copper storage numbers dropped by 30% since last alarm about China. Sooner or later world may notice the bottom in the copper pot.

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      • Hey Warm nice to here from you again.

        Low Q1 GDP was caused by bad weather ..... does this debunk the theory of global warming?

        The "market" expects stronger growth in subsequent quarters ...... how many times have I heard that old saw ...... but I guess beating .1% shouldn't be too tough.

        Copper should rebound ..... maybe so. Copper has a lot of REAL uses in everyday life ..... as does silver, do you think silver will also rebound?

        Bottom line, a better economy continues to be "just over the horizon" ..... trouble is, where is the horizon? I suspect it'sat the end of this November and IF the Republicans take the Senate, we'll find out within about a month how their policies have dealt a death blow to that economy that was "just over the horizon".

        Always remember, in life, only one thing is important ..... getting re-elected. And, as revealed in the growing Benghazi scandal some things are worth changing the FACTS as long as it's for the greater good ...... getting re-elected ...... the TRUTH be dammed "what difference does it make at this time".

        Me thinks we're being fed a lot of misinformation or, in other words, lies..... and that applies to Benghazi and the state of our economy.

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