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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Nov 29, 2005 11:47 PM Flag

    One little problem with the p/e.....

    First of all, is there anyone over 30 on this board? Please guys, have a bit of class. Finance is serious business. Now...lets be real. CHK is an awesome co, great balance sheet, insider buying and low p/e. however, the trailing p/e is 15 and the forward p/e is 8 on this stock. What if, because of infaltion, or the devaluation of the dollar or whatever things we cant anticipate, the market decides that natural gas stocks are worth an average p/e of 6? That was what the average stock was when the dow started recovering in 1932 from the crash 3 years earlier. If this is so, will they use trailing or forward p/e? Either way, we will get killed. Yes, aubrey can wait 5 more years to cash in his shares he bought at 32. I for one cannot. Also, what if aubrey is betting wrong? I still get shivers when i think how i bought JBLU at 50 3 years ago when a big insider bought a million bucks worth of stock and it went under 20 recently. Dont think insider buying is golden. It only outperforms the market by 6%!

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    • MINCE,

      What if there is a nuclear explosion and all humanity is wiped off the face of the earth? How much will CHK be worth then? Furhtermore, what will be its P/E and 12 month trailing P/E?

      Please, to bring up the 1932 crash and "devaluation of the dollar or whatever things we cant anticipate" is just so absurd. Tell you what, if any of the catastrophy like events youdescribe happen ALL investments will suffer!!!

      Insider purchases are not the basis for this investment just another positive aspect of it.

      PUT YOU MONEY UNDER YOUR MATTRESS AND SLEEP SOUNDLY. With all due respect your comments were very poor no substance to them.

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