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  • jbkoadog jbkoadog Sep 12, 2008 2:36 AM Flag

    Palin is ready for interviews

    Good one. Now if we could get implants that would impart even the slightest measure of intelligence, commom sense, and reasoning into the delusional repub robots, there might be a chance out of this crazy, lunatic populated nightmare. Sarah Palin, are you frigging kidding me. Talk about fear and loathing. The monumental stupidity I am witnessing among a certain segment of this country is mind boggling but in no way surprising. Give the people what they want and let them get what they deserve. If they learned nothing from the Bush disaster, well what can you say? You know, stupid is as stupid does. Good night and good luck.

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    • To interview Palin is like asking a regular mom of 5 children her opinion on different matters: Fine if it were to feel the pulse of the population, but we are talking about the second highest position in the White House administration here. Pinch me please, this can't be true.

      Electing her would be similar to allowing your next door ordinary neighbor to become the COO of 300 millions employees. Electing McCain is like allowing your grandfather to become the CEO of the same huge business. It is beyond imagination to see this happening in this country who pretends to be the mightiest on the planet. It is like a very bad reality show where ordinary and most of the time mediocre people are now having more voice and attention than the competent, smart and outstanding ones.

      The raise of creationism in this country is another example of this kind of mediocrity that is taking place around us, this in times where we can send people on the moon, invent a complex collider that allow to experiment on the smallest particules, etc. The reign of incompetence has reached new height with the actual president and his heir McCain, with Palin, will raise it even more.

    • Absolutely correct. Half the population is brain dead. Vote for a creationist? I bet she doesn't believe in gravity.

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