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  • mori_cnc_guy mori_cnc_guy Aug 13, 2009 4:26 PM Flag

    Here is my NG advice for the board -- RESULTS


    "This car does not really get 230 mpg as advertised because there is electricity use. That electricity has to come from somewhere"

    This comment does my heart good. Even if the Volt was %100 battery powered it would still not be zero emission for the exact reason you stated. That electricity is usually generated with fossil fuels. It fustrates me that this fact is never mentioned by reporters that write stories about electric vehicles. They have to be lazy, dumb, or dishonest to omit this fact. I'd also like to know how we will dispose of old batteries for these electric cars in an eco friendly way. BTW, France does an excellent job with nuclear power and I don't see them using electric vehicles in any big way. Look, if the Volt is a great success and gets GM righted and into the control of competent business men and away from the government and UAW I think that would be great. Good luck.

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    • The volt or some other kind of the like will work well in city driving at first.

      The car is a little expensive and needs government incentives to get going or it probably won't compete with Prius and the like at this point.

      Once you sell a large number the cost will come down.

      The point is that NO major infrastructure changes are needed and that is a HUGE advantage.

      But I don't want to get your hopes up too much. We still have a glut to wade through.

    • But if you buy a volt you keep the unions in why support the people who made the problem in the first place.

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        But if you buy a volt you keep the unions in why support the people who made the problem in the first place.

        LOL, was it unions or management that allowed unions to get what they got?

        regardless, I rather see an overpaid union worker than a unemployed one. Bankrupcy for the automakers should have fixed the union issue but Obama allowed the status quo to continue. What a shame.

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