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  • igmos00 igmos00 Aug 13, 2009 12:04 PM Flag

    Here is my NG advice for the board -- RESULTS

    There is one way that NG will be a booming business much faster than would otherwise be. No, this does not involve making all trucks NG powered. That would take a long time even if it were to happen.

    YOu need Volt to do well. This car does not really get 230 mpg as advertised because there is electricity use. That electricity has to come from somewhere and nothing can compete with NG right now for power generation. The Volt is without doubt the best way to restore some balance between oil and gas pricing.

    If you start to see volts or their ilk on the road that means more power plants and more gas being used. Help the process along and you are helping yourselves.

    BTW, it is sad that the clunkers program allows purchase of a ``light'' hummer. I suspect that was republican led compromise. Irrational behavior runs deep in both parties.

    Now the US can pull out of this relatively unscathed but you have to make the right moves -- not the usual one and one fraction of a step forward one back.

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    • Igmos

      "This car does not really get 230 mpg as advertised because there is electricity use. That electricity has to come from somewhere"

      This comment does my heart good. Even if the Volt was %100 battery powered it would still not be zero emission for the exact reason you stated. That electricity is usually generated with fossil fuels. It fustrates me that this fact is never mentioned by reporters that write stories about electric vehicles. They have to be lazy, dumb, or dishonest to omit this fact. I'd also like to know how we will dispose of old batteries for these electric cars in an eco friendly way. BTW, France does an excellent job with nuclear power and I don't see them using electric vehicles in any big way. Look, if the Volt is a great success and gets GM righted and into the control of competent business men and away from the government and UAW I think that would be great. Good luck.

    • Look folks, as investors our job is to be flexible and adjust to the market. Oil, NG, gasoline, deisel, electric, hybrid, solar, nuclear or whatever. Free people and free markets should decide which ones make sense.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

      here we go again, Investors(HAHAHAH), NO the company doesn't directly give U anything but a token dividend(from a company who burns cash way too much to be profitable to pay a real dividend)

      The market gives and takes your stock higher, in no way does the company determines the stock price. Only the PERCEPTION from the traders is the worth determine. A company stock price has nothing to do with actual company. A company could perform crappy and have a high stock price while a great ran one have a lower stock price.

      You're not investors You're traders trying to pump and dump.

      Ponzi scam. People trading one amount of money for another amount of money.

    • Mori,

      I am trying to keep things simple. You keep thinking I am advocating in favor of GM

      I don't really care if it is GM or some other car company.

      I said quite clearly: THE 230 MPG is BOGUS, of course.

      That only includes the oil part and leaves out the electricity part. But people pay electric bills too. Ok.

      But what you need to do is get that electricity will come from NG.

      Mori, trust me. Electric-oil is the way to go. It can happen fast.

      Government incentives for this car are lovely. 4,500 sounds right :)

      That will generate initial sales and allow the price to come down.

      Just my opinion

    • I didn't bash you. Sorry if it appeared that way.

      The battery is an issue.

      The ability to plug into a 110V plug and bypass oil if driven less than 40 is extremely important because you can essentially be driving on NG within that range.

      Yet no infrastructure changes were needed.

    • Again you won't have to stop after 40 miles to recharge. All that will happen is that the car will start using oil after 40 miles to recharge your battery.

      When you get home you recharge the battery anyway. Your still using oil but much less of it. The rest comes from electricity from your house.

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