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  • stillfertile stillfertile Aug 24, 2009 7:09 AM Flag

    New Investor

    I'm a novice investor and am hoping to get some good advice here. I inherited what I think is a lot of money but you probably have more than me. My stock broker (a good friend)thinks Chesapeake Energy is a good long term investment, and other natural gas companies.

    Ive read Investing For Dummies and watch Jim Cramer religiously. A while back Jim Cramer said to use Yahoo's finance board, so here I am. I think natual gas is our future and everyone keeps talking about Chesapeake Energy. I do not want to lose all my money, but like what I read here and in the newspapers about the promising future of natural gas. I'm still young and in college and have a long time horizon to invest.

    Can anyone give me there opinion on buying Chesapeake energy? Pros and Cons?

    Thank You. Have a nice day.

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    • U call me obsessed ??

      U should go back and read all those posts and judge yourself first and fix your own backyard before attacking me. JMO

      And if U truely have a beautiful wife get off the computer and onto her more often than attacking posters. Youre wasting time and there is only so much of it we all have.

    • Last post relative to my niece. GLTA and for the misery camp, try and improve your miserable life's circumstances!!!

      Interesting this same person with at least 5 monikers will not state his position(s). The guards likely put him back in solitary before he could post them.

      Let's give the Security Guard a break here.

      Again, last post relative to this matter.

      You've cowardly attacked my sexuality (married to a beautiful, stable, secure woman). A wonderful, smart, successful daughter and a wonderful niece who I've agreed to help since her father's passing.

      See 'ya.

    • A lot of girls follow the natural gas sector because they're enlightened and environmentally concious "Romeo".
      Have you heard of Abby Cohen. Or, the fact there are more females than males in our business schools. Life's changing "Romeo".

      Again, lay your portfolio on the table or have you no guts to risk being right or wrong?

    • Another keyboard Commando. Oh wait, it's Romeo.

      Old man...LOL! You're silly with regard to your stupidity. BTW, you sound like a bigot.

      Again, what are the equities you are presently trading?

      Iggy...See 'ya.

    • 50? Wrong guy. Wait awhile man.

      I'm not "from" LA "ROMEO". Midwestern values!

    • Hi dog,

      That question has already been answered in a previous Post. I've posted my stock picks for the record. Have you?

      Deviant? Wrong guy.


    • Sure seems like lastresort got busted for having pretending to be a girl. Very strange behavior for a 50 year old man, but he is from LA so I guess it is to be expected.

    • I tend to agree ... "she" creates a screen name two days ago, and the first stock she picks? CHK! How many college girls follow nat gas?

    • busted this lastresort guy. Great catch! I think it is so funny to see these web trolls exposed as old men posing as girls. He is in LA, but he might need to move to SF to better fit his lifestyle.

      Guys, think about it for a minute. Why would a college girl come on the board and start spewing "help me", "teach me"....then start praising certain posters on their professor like status. I call BS and find this guy pathetic.

    • You are correct on this thread being BS. If she were the one posting, ask yourself why she not asking these questions to lastresort directly?

      She just happens to value the opinions of CHK investors over all other stocks? WTF

      Crawl back under your rock and stop playing little girl games. This type of behavior is one of the problems in our ever increasing deviant society. Absolutely sick!

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