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  • lastresort151 lastresort151 Sep 5, 2009 8:45 PM Flag


    Another pro-NG article in Barrons' weekend/Monday edition, primarily for EOG.

    Long and Strong. Maintain Buy Rating.

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    •'remaking me work! THX Mori! I'll do some cursory research this morning, and more tonight and tomorrow.

      RBA? I took a position yesterday. I did 'da research after your tip and did my due diligence. IMO it looks to be a cash machine.
      Again, Thank You!

      Be patient with CLX and RTN.

    • I hope some of you folks bought into EOG.

      Nice run and IMO it's going further North.


      P.S. M&A is picking up. Hopefully, our sector will follow. Kraft made a run at Cadbury, the latter saying NO.

    • Hey man, I'm glad you came back. Yeah, I saw the Barron's article about EOG too. In all fairness the article seemed to me like they liked EOG mostly because they are expanding their oil production. Article also made EOG look a little stronger than its peers financialy too. Maybe so, I'm not to familiar with EOG. Massive pessimism in NG right now and folks don't think it will ever get better. That kind of pessimism makes me optimistic.

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      • cred oil productionj is soaring--drilling the bakken this week

      • Hello Mori,

        THX... I've placed numerous of these inept, angry, hateful types on Iand it's delightfulgnore to communicate with higher minds.

        Your last sentence mailed it!

        As they say, BUY when there is blood on the streets. I intend to do research on EOG later this afternoon.

        Do you have any interest in Defense stocks? RTN is one of my top picks. Look at the flood of contracts they are receiving.

        I'm also liking CLX more and more for their diversity of products, and their main product, Bleach. This with WAG will address the H1N1 and God only knows whatever virus/dirty bombs are coming to the U.S.

        I realize you may consider these stocks stodgy but they will pay handsome "dividends" now and in the future.

        GLTU...Stay well.

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