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  • golfinjoe1 golfinjoe1 Jan 27, 2010 12:33 PM Flag

    Selling way overdone

    over 20% drop in 5 days. Supplies going down. Time to go long on CHK. JMHO

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    • I can't find a ligitmate reason for such a big drop. Fundamentals for gas getting stronger and the company has had some pretty good news lately. You got to believe it will quit moving in tandem with broader mkt at some point.

      I'm going long too.

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      • Here are some discouraging points that are eating at me to explain the continued fall of our beloved energy stocks. Unfortunately, I don't see an end in the short term as the "shorts" are in control.

        Markets down big

        Congressional kangaroo court (whoever is right, no one knows there)

        Natural gas tried to peak past $6 twice in last month or so. Both times have been hit hard and is not down below $5.25 (ouch)

        Prospect for much warmer weather than desired in next few weeks up north after Accuweather drastically increased projected temperatures for such cities as Chicago, Pittsburgh, Etc

        Government will not accept and acknowledge that NG is a perfect (about our only choice) as a bridge fuel to use for 20 years to reduce foreign oil imports until wind / solar / politicians hot air, etc take over. Thus, increased production from new wells with no new industrial demand could be devastating to us and our investments.

        Government leaders hate "oil" companies. They associate NG with "oil" companies. Thus, we are fighting an uphill battle to not be squashed in their race to nationalize any industry that is a threat to their long range plan.

        Possible market manipulation by hedge funds to drive our sector to its knees knowing all of the above facts.

        This is a short list. Problem is there is likely to be more problems lying ahead.

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