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  • fredthecpa fredthecpa Mar 19, 2011 6:56 AM Flag


    It is imperative that all smart investors look at the recent insider buying by various members of the Board and officers. This is no fluke. One of the strongest signs of future movement is the amount of and the people that are doing the insider buying for they know things that we do not know. I believe that I saw one insider buy for 100,000 shares of stock for 31/2 million dollars. Can someone please verify that I was correct in that assumption? I believe that it was the VP of Human Resources. I did not believe it at the time. However, it is possible. I am confident of the upward direction of this stock. THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT A TIME TO SELL CHK BUT RATHER A TIME TO BUY CHK STOCK

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    • May have been an option exercise. You need to look and see if she sold shares after exercise.

    • ...bumping this to irritate and infuriate the short bus riders.

      ..pawn your doublewide mobile homes, short-bus riders, time for you to live in your Ford Festivas.

    • Dam fredthecpa, where do you get your Chesapeake Energy Corp. information from?

      Do ya just make it up as you go along or did you get it off of some old gas station bathroom rusty brown stalls and yellow wet bathroom walls?

      Us investors would love to know! That's some hot insider information.

      By the way, are you really a CPA or do you just like the handle because it makes you sound important?

      Also, did you just get off a Banana boat that's been drifting in the ocean for weeks?

      The Wizard.

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      • Hey wiz idiot.. I admit that I made a mistake since I thought that the sale was a purchase since it was logged in with all other purchases. Nevertheless, I do believe that this stock has legs and will move up. Yes, I have been a CPA for about 50 years and in business for 40 years. Unlike you I can substantiate this since I am a member of the national and local C.P.A. organizations. Now let us get to your reputation,. What, if any, credentials do you have????? Oh, incidentally, wiz idiot, if you look back on my predictions I was right there for about 4 months and most of my predictions in the stock came true. Why don't you do some checking instead of writing your idiocy on this Board.

    • Cannot find a purchase of 100,000 shares,but Martha A Burger (officer) sold 25% of her holding (100,000 shares) on the 25th of Feb totalling $3.5m .
      There have been 3 insider purchases since then which can be viewed on the Yahoo site under Insider Transactions.

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