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  • hairytoadus01 hairytoadus01 May 8, 2011 6:25 AM Flag

    Natural Gas Powered Cars

    Honda to start selling their natural gas powered Civic this fall nationwide in the US. This is just the beginning.

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    • This isn't new. They've been selling them in the US for years.

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      • True enough, Okie; but only in a very few select states. Aargh!

        OK, CA, NY, UT to list but four (4). That they plan to EXPAND nationwide is new and good information.

        Youse gots a natty gas-fueled automobile? Youse knows anything about the availability of cng for fueling those vehicles in your vicinity?

        Thanks for sharing some helpful information. All IMHO.

    • OK, now explain the practicalities of refueling with cng. Aargh!

      Will you fill and store extra, interchangeable tanks to replace empties?

      Will natural gas gas refuleing be as simple and quick as stopping at your local gasoline station and filling up?

      Will a home "Phill" set-up be available to every buyer of new natty gas-powered vehicles at a reasonable price?

      Thanks for the clarification. I am probably in the market for a new NG automobile. And while I may prefer to buy an American car, I can be persuaded to buy a foreign car if our American auto industry isn't coming on board and ramping up to produce reliable cng-fueled vehicles. All IMHO.

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      • Should be very simple to refuel but not that many stations selling NG yet. I think we'll see truck stops selling NG before regular stations do. I haven't seen NG vehichles with any sort of interchangable tanks. The NG tank is securly mounted in the vehicle. Has to be for safety.
        Some of the negatives with the NG vehicles that I have read about are less horsepower, more frequent refueling, and some evaperation in very hot weather.
        The NG vehicles operate for a lot less money and require less maintainance than gasoline vehicles. Low emissions also.

    • I saw one of these NG powered Civics on the road last week. It was actually a city owned fleet vehicle. This city has a lot of their truck already fueled by NG.

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