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  • byron23142 byron23142 May 27, 2011 12:21 PM Flag

    Repukes may not support Pickens plan

    2 repukes have withdrawn support according to the article posted on yahoo. I guess they consider it an Obama initiative. Oh well. let's keep buying oil from terrorists, LOL!!!

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    • Bush did not get natural gas through when he was President and no one will now. Grassley from Iowa is too buy pushing corn for ethanol to do the right thing (support NG use and keep corm for animal feed and human food).

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      • If the NAT GAS Act gets rejected, that would be a travesty against our nation/environment and a slap to the faces of all Americans that rely on affordable energy. However, this will be nothing new.

        I was never holding my breath for this to pass. It would be nice for our country and a great thing for SD and other nat gas producers. It would create real jobs here in America that cannot be exported to other nations.

        This government and our country as a whole needs to wake up. The average joe at the pump needs to wake up and demand a real energy policy including natural gas.

        The ANGA is doing a better job of getting the word out and making things happen for nat gas. If the government won't help the adoption of more widespread use of nat gas, the private sector and regional municipalities will:

        Waste Management, UPS are building big CNG/LNG fleets. Each boasting over 1,000 nat gas trucks. Also, many city municipalities are buying new CNG vehicles as well.

        Luxor Cabs in San Francisco is adding CNG cars to its fleet.

        Dallas is buying a fleet of 452 CNG buses.

        The state of Texas is adopting the "Texas Clean Transportation Triangle" plan that will build out nat gas refueling stations in the surrounding interstates of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Fortworth.

        Cheniere is making progress on its plans to export LNG come 2015.

        Lets not forget about gas fired electric generation. Utilities are converting more and more to natural gas especially with all the regulations happening. Demand for natural gas to power these plants will push gas prices higher in the coming years.

        These are just some of the examples of how the change will come regardless if the NAT GAS Act passes or not.

        Disclosure: Long SD and CHK

    • The switch to NG will continue with or without congress and Odummer.

    • anyone who is not supporting the PICKEN's plan is UN-american. therefore, congress should support and pass the Nat gas Act immediately.

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