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  • moe.larry_curly moe.larry_curly Apr 27, 2012 8:41 AM Flag

    Congress calls obama the most corrupt in history. Link


    Congressman Darrell Issa, California Republican and Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, spoke to Bloomberg Television on Tuesday regarding the corruption investigations his committee is conducting that are aimed at the Obama administration.

    Congressman Issa made it clear that he believed the Obama administration "was going to be the most corrupt government in history."

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    • after election oil and gas go forget facebook

    • devil

    • Oliver - Your facts are WRONG as are your statements re: no taxes in Obamacare - You have to be kidding to start with there is a 3.5 tax on income above $200000, then a business tax on profits and insurance overages. I could go on but as a fellow READER OF THE ACTUAL BILL has already stated there are too many and no matter how many are presented here in this room - YOU AND YOUR LIKE will not agree. Too bad - you must either be blind, don't care because you are one of them, or just plain dumb. Read the actual bill before opening your mouth - please!

    • Let us examine your "facts"
      1) Obama said he would cut the deficit in half by 2013. Yes he did say that. No he did not accomplish that task. The cornerstone of gettingthere was that he would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. The Republicans have blocked this at every step of the way. So he did not fullfill his promise but "Lie" is not the apprpriate term

      2) Obama said that PPACA does not include a tax. Please help me understand your contention that this is not true.It certainly is not a tax bill nor does it include any new taxes. It does include the potential for a penalty if you fail to comply. Is that a tax? When you retgister your car as an unisured motorist do you pay a tax or a penalty? If you say that sort of thing is a tax then lots of Republicans in Congress have broken their Grover Nordquist pledges in the past and I don't think that is so.

      3)the PPACA was voted for by a strong majority. I agree this is at best an exageration. It passed the house by a very narrow majority although it was passed 60-39 in the Senate

      "You can keep your own doctor" -please explain how this is not true and further a "lie".

      "Illegals will not get free health care" - as typical, the administration of the plan will be at the state level so it will be up to them to ensure that illegals do not receive subsidies however there is nothing structurally within PPACA to provide coverage to illegals.

      "Catholics will not be affected" I beleive you refer to the contraception requirement of PPACA. In this instance the Catholic church will not be affected (as they define themselves) but affiliated organizations that are distinctly not churches could be. Is that really te same as a lie?

      "Jesus teaches you to pay your taxes". President Obama neither said this nor implied it. He does frequenty refer to Luke 12:48 as informng his sensibility around many issues including taxes but your assertion is unwarranted.

      Personally I have no party affiliation and have voted the winner of each Presidential election since turning 18 (except I voted GHW Bush in 1992). Obama is neither the best nor the worst President we have had in the last 40 years but instead lies somewhere in the middle. Criticize his policies, his leadership and competence by all means but if you must demagogue his character make sure that you are very certain of what you speak.
      I hear more hate in your words than passion and that is never a good thing.

    • you are a stooge...

    • Mr. Issa has a short and selective memory.

    • Please. As if anyone gives any currency to his words. He's like all those GOP "fiscal hawks", who practice "do as I say, not as I do" (good example: Village Idiot, teaparty butt-kisser and deadbeat dad, Congressman Joe Walsh). Isn't Issa the same Congressman (he is not "Congress" all by himself, you know, despite your aggressive headline) who just happens to be one of the most corrupt, all by himself? The one who turned the house oversight committee into a "Bankers Lobby"? Try starting with some truth next time...I know, it's hard.

    • Hey dummy, that wasn't Congress, only Mr. Issa, another dummy like you

    • moe.....A little insight into greasing the skids,as it is called, to do business with countries that are more open then the United States about how to obtain government expediency.I found it a little disingenuous,since governments and locally controlled business in China and Mexico all seem to have their hands out prior to completing any business deals. I have spoke to people that have told me you can't do anything in China without greasing the skids. Is anyone else aware of this practice? Walmart has been a target and apparently remains a target of some. Walmart may be laughed at by many and joked about by many, but they have been able to save the poor of this country a lot of money for their basic needs of life. They won't be able to do that if the unions get in the door. JMHO BMAN

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