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  • censored.citizen censored.citizen Sep 20, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Republicans vote to fund the Government and De-Fund obamacare


    If the media reports it otherwise (GOP votes to shut down government) would you consider that an act of treason against Americans? I would.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • natgas_use_is_growing_quickly natgas_use_is_growing_quickly Sep 23, 2013 4:43 AM Flag

      How many times do we have to flag a serial trash poster like uncensored.traitor before Yahoo starts to block the big mouth?

      This is a message board related to CHK, not for politcal tripe, hate, lies and agendas, COMRADES !

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    • Yes, on the GOP..Shutting down the government and extortion... You might want to get your facts right on the Affordable care act buy going to Politifact and searching this ...The flood of falsehoods about the health care law

      • 1 Reply to dmorgan2151
      • Thank you doctor for your opinion on the Affordable Care Act. I'm sure the d stands for doctor, and I'm sure you love the requirements of Electronic Medical Records. How are you doing with your Portal? How do you like the communications between one EMR system and yours? Are you on EPIC, Athena, Practice Partners? Censored.citizen seems to want to talk about politics instead of government policy related to the oil and natural gas industry, stick to what you know and ignore him if you disagree. A thumbs down would work or you could ignore him by blocking his posts.
        Few doctors and people in the health care industry that would tell you the Obama Care was well written legislation. 90% of what is in there is actually good. The problem is that the work we have to do as doctors to comply with the legislations makes us about 80 and at the most 90% as efficient as we were before the law was passed. We are always working toward "meaningful use" guidelines. The charts may all be legible, but the extra time required to comply with the law is substantial. Each EMR does not communicate in a meaningful way with other systems, so if the next doc is on a different system you can't read the details of their notes without a fax or old fashioned paper communication. Anyone outside of the healthcare system has no idea (except a businessman on costs) of the far reaching impact of this legislation. Sorry, I won't go to Politifact to search for your answer. Doctors can form their own, and most would agree with me. The subjects on this CHK Message Board should be the pipelines being approved or not by Obama, the lack of a comprehensive plan for the use of natural gas and how to change that, infrastructure in the United States related to the use of natural gas.

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    • Well... it is understandable to be against Obama care. In theory many good ideas, in practice expensive. Plenty of waste, not lowering the price of medicine, making it harder for docs to practice, poorly designed. The policy is expensive and not working.
      We might want to save the word treason for crimes against the state. The media is allowed to have a perspective on political events. We are a light year away from treason. The government could be shut down if there aren't paychecks for employees. We could halve the number of federal employees and have a inefficient government still, but a point could be made that the approach used to limit the debt does not discriminate between needed and unneeded services. You might want to bring the thread of discussion back around to energy policy and CHK. Nobody should be censored, but this is the CHK Message Board, not a political message board.

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