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  • valueseeker07 valueseeker07 Jan 12, 2013 12:55 PM Flag


    What a disservice to CYNO...Kramer couldn't even pronounce the company's name or products correctly. This shows how much research he and his minions put into the effort. He concluded that CYNO has potential but investors should wait for a pullback as its growth rate doesn't justify its current price. I believe he failed miserably in his analysis. The current performance only includes a quarter or two of tattoo removal revs - these are likely to experience "hockey stick" growth as the product placement matures. In additon, CYNO spends $10M+ on R&D each year. More products, and improvements to existing ones, are on the way. The good news is only rubes tend to follow his advise...real investors do their own due diligence and don't let his pathetic "analyses" (I use the term loosely) affect their investment decisions.

    Good luck to all longterm CYNO investors!

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    • Frankly CYNO [$26.98] is a stud IF it can stay above $26.36... The market will decide how far it goes.

      $26.36 is the highest monthly close in years - since '08 and represents where smart-money will draw their line.

      No one persons opinion should determine whether to stay long or not.

      Technically speaking CYNO has more strength than any stock in the Dow Jones Index.

      Let the games continue. Good luck!

      And YES! CYNO has the two traits needed for an explosive move.

      ►:m:u:a:t:h:e: . :c:o:m: (without the colons).

    • I agree with you. He should have passed on the remarks he made. He obviously wasn't familiar with the company and was playing catch up. He may be a smart investor but he isn't perfect. He makes a lot of bad calls. I think he made one here.

      Sentiment: Buy

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