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  • specialfxz specialfxz Dec 17, 2003 10:11 AM Flag

    This is pathetic - get a life -

    no offense to any women in the group but you all sound like cackling hens who love to gossip ... clearly there is a perfect example here of the emotions you all get caught up in regarding your investments being a picture of your personal issues as well - face it - AIG will do whatever they want whenever they want until someone catches them - and who has the nads or the money to do that - and please dont tell me - "oh, they have a responsibility to report" - get a clue - this is corp. america where anything goes until it can be proven... even with the Brightpoint white papers and LMU's - internal marketing programs designed for AIG - identifying marketing schemes to facilitate securities fraud you still believe that all is well in wonderland... yes, yes this doesnt include all of you reading this i know - but seriously folks - much of this is vaudeville... if 1% of the people control over 90% of the wealth - do you think that there is no manipulation? lol

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    • No official prove.

    • Let AIG tell us why they are Speculating in SILVER???? and tell us how many Bilions of Dolars they made!!!! in the last 15 years.

    • Ursa, because you write something doesn't mean it is known to all. In fact, you can't even show us how you 'know it' to be true, or even near true. Let's go through your nonsense:

      >>>We know that AIG is a silver speculator. They just delivered 30 million oz. to the COMEX.<<<

      First, I hope you truly looked up the fact that AIG delivered that much silver. For that is all you might know. You don't know if they are investors in silver, that they speculate in silver, that they barter in silver or that they acted as an agent for others.

      >>>We know that the price of silver is being heavily influenced by short sellers. ...<<<

      You don't know this. If you did, you would be bidding up the price of silver. As you have already stated, you won't pay more than market. That's the same as all of us 'others'. So it is not being influenced solely by short sellers, it is being influenced by the marketplace....

      >>>We want to know if AIG is a short seller. They won't say.<<<

      There's no reason for anyone to divulge their positions, least of all to you or that shrill talking head, Butler.

      >>>AIG just got themselves involved in a bad situation with Parmalat. That situation depended on fraud and poor auditing. <<<

      Just? Wrong... And they had nothing to do with auditing or the fraud. Seems to me you ought to retract this statement.

      >>>Wall Street is being wracked by scandal after scandal. Only dillusional thinking could imagine that companies like AIG are going to be untouched.<<<

      Guilt by association? That's terrible, oldyank/Ursa. Why do you do this?

      >>>We have your word that AIG management is "honest". Enron employees thought that their management was "honest"-- until they lost everything.<<<

      But are you honest? You keep postin' unsupportable, outlandish claims, assign guilt by association, and proclaim a righteous crusade without identifying the need for a crusade, the right for you to post nonsense and therefore libelous claims... need I continue?

      >>>Want us to go away? <<< us and yourself a favor.

    • Il give the best news.Boffet,AIG and the Chinese d'ont have SILVER.They wish!!!!!

    • Ursa, Why invoke Buffett to support something you still strive to prove? Buffett gave that speech and didn't mention silver ONCE. In fact, you don't even know if he still has his silver... Those 2 facts alone should have you not referring to Buffett in any way. He is a non player regarding silver. And it has no link to AIG either. You continue on the libel path... Do you 'slander' as well?

    • Your answers show your true one-sidedness.

      You could care less about AIG and it's insurance business, you definitely have some sort of big thing with silver. Unfortunately for you, I don't see many others sharing your ideas.

      You must not have read the Paramlat information or you'd have known that AFLAC had the largest exposure to the Parmalat bankruptcy. Why aren't you inciting their board with the skeletons they must have in their closet? If this is a scandal that taints AIG, it must also affect them too?!

      Personally, I could care less about your silver conspiracy theory. Please let me know if you ever find anything out, but I would doubt it'd be from this board.

      I never gave you my word about management - interesting how you need to twist what people say/write to your advantage the way you check out yahoo profiles and such - all I said was that the management I deal with is honest. And yes, I'll certainly concede to your point that the folks at Enron also made the same assumption. I hope I'm right.

      And who's this 'us' you're referring to in your last paragraph? "Want us to go away...". Hey - I could care less what you do, just that I think you're wasting your time trolling the Yahoo board for some sort of support in your silver conspiracy theories. I was going to add you to my ignore list, but actually, I think it's quite funny watching you try to make your case here.

    • That is no excuse for bad management and crookery.

    • Please d'ont be upset.Meybe the trade desk was doing illigitimate trading in silver whith no approval by AIG Directors!!!???

    • I have put the tinsel on the tree. That is all the silver for this season.

      Now can we drop all of this silver dung on another board. Happy Holidays

    • We have the logic and the facts.

      You have nothing but a theory that you are pandering around as fact. Go away litle man...

      Or should I call you Ted?

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