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  • pmtrader2004 pmtrader2004 Dec 29, 2003 9:04 AM Flag

    Is AIG Short 150 mill ounces silver

    Can anybody who follows AIG (yummypaintchips,elmo,etc)give a figure on AIGs short position in silver.

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    • pm, You seem to have already guessed one. Why ask? I'll volunteer... THey are not short, they are long 150million oz.

    • <<Can anybody who follows AIG (yummypaintchips,elmo,etc)give a figure on AIGs short position in silver.>>

      No. Nor can I give you Ted Butler's position or Old Crank's.

      The company publishes audited financial statements according to regulations. Regulation FD forbids the company from deviating from this strict formula of disclosure.

      You can contact the company's Investor Relations department for a copy of the latest financials. You can also check Edgar for all of the company's latest filings.

      If you are looking for an individual insurance company's investment assets, you can go to your local insurance commissioner to see what it takes to get a copy of that company's statutory financial statement. Note, however, that there is more to AIG than just insurance subsidiaries. There are life and non-life insurance companies in the US and abroad. There are also asset management companies and financial services companies.

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      • thanks speacialfxz
        -I think you are saying that AIG could be short 150 mill ounces if they want to.
        thanks yummypaintchips
        -I think you are saying that AIG is in to everything and silver is a micro part of their business.
        Sorry I dont really follow AIG- but who is Hank?.
        If you follow pharmaceuticals,an inside tip, is to go for Asian makers of generic drugs, because they make the best drugs with the less law suits(all the hard work has been done) and they have the less costs.
        I am sorry for upsetting you ,you obviously feel very loyal to AIG and I hope you do well in your investment.
        I am into commodities- have been all my life.The silver market is tiny compared to AIG so that makes AIG a Giant in the silver market.At the moment there is over 500 million ounces sold short on Comex.Most of that by 4 or less traders.Morgan Stanley and AIG are the biggest players.If AIG are short 150 million ounces they would have to pay out last night about $30 million because silver went up 20c.
        While AIG may be a Giant on the short side be warned their are Giants on the long side.
        Warren Buffet bought 130 million ounces of silver in 97/98-at the time he said he had been following the silver market for 30 years and now was the time to buy-dont worry he did not buy to early because it would be impossible to buy that amount now in one go.
        Bill Gates is the largest owner of PAAS the largest silver mining the world.
        George Sorros is the largest owner of SIL.
        Silver is the best conductor of electricity known to man ,it used in every computer, radio,fridge,tv,mobile phone etc,every modern average size car has over 1 ounce of silver in over 50 different applications-their is little or no replacement for silver in most electrical usage.Indeed electrical use is the fastest growing market for silver.Do not be fooled in the photography market by large buyers such as Kodak crying poor, bemoaning the fact that digital is killing them when in fact consumers are learning that when they pick 20 photos from the 500 pictures they took at their brothers wedding on their digital camera, that they can
        1. print it on their printer and pay $50 a month on ink cartridges and get a crappy looking picture that will last 12 months at best.
        or it to Kodak and get it printed on silver based paper where it will last a life time and pay less.
        Also you should not shoot the messenger as you have done with Ted Butler - he has forgotten more about the silver market than most people know
        ElmoV -Thanks for your reply,I am not a shareholder so I dont think they will talk to me.You are a loyal shareholder, so you have a right to know -Have they said anything to you?

      • and real estate businesses and they are the largest independent brokler dealer in the US... since most analysts cannot do an adequate job finding info on them yet publish recos based only on moodys or s&p, and aig given financials - good luck

    • yes. AIG is short 47 million billion metric tonnes of silver. More silver than actually exists in the known universe. Not only that, Hank is long on beef, having bought options on every cattlebeast brought to market in 2004. AND he is hoarding used elastic bands and tin foil as well. AND he is planning a hostile takeover of Consolidated Lint. AND he was seen at OTB over the weekend betting this week's payroll on a lousy trifecta.

      Actually I think he should be investing in anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals. If the sampling on this board is any indication, there is a huge unmet demand for such things.

    • with the layers of companies in the US alone it would be a difficult task to do with significant accuracy - let alone their possible positions overseas and thru subs and shadow companies or even thru their private holding company - Starr - which is impervious to disclosure as a private entity owned and controlled by the aig directors - and provides reinsurance for aig itself... who knows, maybe their private positions match their publically held position in contract numbers ...

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