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  • irrationalexuberance_2000 irrationalexuberance_2000 Feb 5, 2006 12:21 AM Flag

    where is bluehawaii

    I don't even see any old posts on this board?

    What happened?

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    • Warning,

      Don't open this unless you want pathology. Hawaii is back, not that he ever left!!!! Yahoo does a very bad job at rooting out the NUTS, with no "nuts". I received a personal message from Yahoo today. He will be gone soon. Too nuts. More to report, but he is now too pathetic/boring to refer too. He should be blocked soon!!!


    • You are such a joke and profound loser. Why do you continue to embarass/expose yourself? You are really on the down hill. Very sick/compulsive/self destructive behavior. I continue to feel so sorry for you, as you must have been abused to be such an abuser. You are "good" at manipulation, but not too good!!

    • Hello,

      Looked up your Profile and saw you were a Marine. Thank you!!
      My older brother was a Marine Medic in Viet Nam, and paid a big emotional price, was severely wounded, and life was totally changed. As I have followed Hawaii for a couple of months, among his most offensive features is be dismissive/disrespectful of Military. Just one of his targets. He clearly hasn't done anything worth mentioning, as he has to trash everyone!!! I will look for your posts and God Bless You.

    • Actually he is not deceased yet!! He is posting under many aliases and actually impersonating me. I post as penstraighten, and he has 2 new names close to mine in his feeble attempt to impersonate me. Yahoo is very aware of his offenses, but it seems to take them more time than they should to clean up the TRASH. I would love to have this an AIG relevant Board. I and my family have a long history with this Company, and nobody follows it more closely than I. If you follow the analysts, you see the top at $90.00, not likely given the market volatility. Think that the mid 70's is not far away as we were almost there. This sick man will be difficult to get rid of. Yahoo has to prevent any perverted input from this "man" who has a major personality disorder. I have records of all his pathological/threatening posts. Police have been advised. When he has recently "pretended" to be me he reported me as a Sheriff. He's so nuts!!!


    • has placed a ban on him?

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