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  • georgespelvin Sep 17, 2008 1:13 AM Flag

    Here is the deal in a nutshsell

    Gvt gets 8.5% PLUS LIBOR for two years, gets back PRINCIPAL AND gets 80% of the equity.

    The Saudis could not have done better.

    In the 1970's Chrysler got a billion dollar loan, got paid back one year in advance plus $400 million in interest and Lee Iacocca turned company around and Chrysler was left whole.

    This is simply the rape of AIG by neocon thugs who will five years from now be revealed to have sold off the golden nuggets to their neocon friends.

    they are stealing money once again from the American Citizens they are supposed to protect and giving it to the fat cats.

    And while they are doing it they are making sure that the dolts they steal from vote for them again by making sure you know that Obama wants to kill babies and give into Arab terrorists.

    They are fascists.

    I dont care.

    I think it is a hoot.

    I would care if the people they screw over seemed to care but the people of this country are dumber than rocks.

    I cannot wait for McCain to be pres, to ahve a heart attack and have a soccer mom for President. Let's see, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Soccer Mom.

    Sarah, now where is Russia? Why you can see it from Alaska!

    In America it used to be that anyone could be president.

    Now absolutely anyone can be president.

    it used to be that only morons with rich fathers could be president.

    That was too elitist.

    I dont care anymore.

    I no longer feel like an American.

    I feel like I am here.

    If one of my kids wnated to go o0ff and fight one of these evil unnecessary wars (as was Vietnam...we saw the Domino Theory work didnt we...) I would shoot them in the foot myself.

    I doubt the country will recover from this.

    I truly think the world, which was led by us, has been destroyed by the laissez faire let them eat cake admin of the last eight years and was set up for it by an utter lack of courage on the part of previous admins.

    No one can accuse this admin of lacking courage unless you do not count stupidity as courage.

    First you deregulate, then you ignore bad doing, then you fret like Jimmny Carter, then you take over the businesses and sell them off to your friends.

    While you kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, 4,000 Americans and wound tens of thousands others.

    Your father is in oil so you drive up the price of oil by FIFTEEN TIMES. Ah, just coincidence.

    I would not be surprised if these bastards sank the Titanic.

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    • I agree with your sentiment. There is no difference between Bush nationalizing AIG and Chavez nationalizing Cemex plants. We're socialists now. I believe if they had announced this bad mortgage Trust fund idea on Monday, AIG would not have had to make this deal on Tuesday. Instead, they announced it on Wednesday. I truly believe they knew the timing of their announcement, and seized the company from the stockholders. Viva Bush Viva Hugo Chavez.

    • I agree with marjority of your points. It is sick!!

    • Excuse me who eare they screwing?

      The Feds just bought 1 trillion dollars in assets for 85 billion. That is the world greatest investment in the history of investments. If AIG fails, which it isnt, do you want Socialized Medicine? Do you want to pay down a quarter of our national debt? Do you want to fix Social Security? Well here you go!

    • I agree that we have sadly lost sight of the essence of what it means to be american and foster a healthy capitalist environment. We've got clowns running the show now and other countries will step up to fill the big holes these idiots are sadly leaving. I hope your kids don't have a problem with being migrant workers who move as needed to more successful nations. Nice job Paulson.

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