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  • dvsendeavor dvsendeavor Sep 18, 2008 4:01 PM Flag

    absolute Bull$hit

    the republinecks will now, with MY F*CKING TAX dollars, bail out all of these firms, leaving the little guy holding the bag once again. all the while, bush, cheney, mccain laugh at us from their multimillion estates and will never be adversely effected by the increase in debt. ALL AT OUR EXPENSE. and then you morons go out and vote for them all over again. I can only pray the middle class guys that votes for these crooks are the first to end homeless in the streets.

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    • What about the Democrats who have controlled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the last 20 years? huh? huh? The ex ceo of Fannie Mae lives in a 22 room mansion in D.C. Also a Democrat. Leave Bush out of this you fool.

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      • fnm is the democrats nightmare. just ask barney frank, chris dodd, paul kanjorski, hillary clinton, and yes, barrack hussein obama .
        HANG ONTO YOUR SHARES!!! this train has left the station. jmho-bucko

        ps-NOW, BRING BACK HANK AS CEO!!! 2.60 IN AHRS.

      • Horseman #2: Demopublican Political Control
        One of the most popular ideas taught in American civics classes is that the strength of the American political system lies in the fact that we have a two-party political process. This, I maintain, is akin to teaching that babies come from storks. It's a fairy tale we spin out to avoid messy details of reality we prefer not to face. The reality is that the Democratic and Republican parties, as distinctive parties, are shams. They have become nothing but two divisions of the Central Leviathan Party. This has been our political reality ever since Dwight Eisenhower defeated the "old guard" individualist Republicans under Robert Taft in 1952 and made the Republicans into a big government welfare-state party like the New Deal Democrats of Roosevelt and Truman. From that year on, there has been no voice in the world of politics for the original Founders' vision. The last vestiges of limited, decentralized government died with Eisenhower's capitulation to Keynes and the New Deal.

        In the ensuing decades, the collectivists have skillfully established a deceptive ONE-PARTY dictatorial system, which their media lackeys spin to the public as "two parties" and which the collectivist power elites maintain by waging phony battles every four years, all of which the gullible public buys into. Yet every year no matter who wins at the polls, government grows larger and more fascistic. Therefore, all talk about which of these Tweedledum and Tweedledee institutions is better than the other is a game of "nonsense on stilts" (to borrow a phrase from the 19th century philosopher, Jeremy Bentham). Because both parties subscribe to the same fundamental premises, which manifest in the dictatorial paradigm of fascism, they both end up tyrannizing our lives.

        To those Republican sympathizers who still hold out hope that the GOP can be some kind of a solution to the runaway lunacy of today's spendaholics on the Potomac, I offer exhibit A, Mr. Republican himself, President George W. Bush. Remove the scales from your eyes America! This man's spending proclivities (as a percentage of GNP) far exceed those of Bill Clinton's, or Jimmy Carter's, or LBJ's -- all prototypical "big spenders" that preceded him and set the standard for fiscal irresponsibility. George Bush Jr. is as Big Government as you can get! Socialism (or actually fascism) has come to America via a "conservative" administration! But this is the inevitable result when both parties subscribe to the SAME flawed fundamental premises. Those flawed premises are: 1) Government needs to be centralized and highly interventionist to be effective. And 2) it is permissible for political legislation to violate individual rights in order to convey special privileges to groups. It is upon these two dictatorial premises that both Democrats and Republicans structure the entirety of their policies. Arbitrary law has trumped objective law as a policy tool for each of them. Both have abandoned belief in a higher natural law. Both endorse the wholesale violation of rights. Consequently they both are driving us toward economic fascism and dictatorship."

    • WE ALL PAY TAXES NUMB NUTS LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Problem is those over 250,00 per year income have not been paying their fair share...

        Remember, somebody in America has to do the menial jobs and receives a subsistence salary for their work while those making the large salaries usually have someone under them that do the hard work and they take the gravy...

        I can't wait until you rich guys have to start paying more taxes and I hope it is large enough for you to feel some of the pain that the working class has to feel......

    • BFD, my "F*CKING TAX DOLLARS" have been going to deadbeat welfare cheats for 30 years and I blame the democrats.

    • anonamous Sep 18, 2008 5:19 PM Flag


    • By the way what the f^%&%& do you do with your tax dollars anyways? You pay it and you forget it. And then whether the govt spends it on war or on election, you dont ask a freaking question or rather you cant do anything. Then why crying now...these news reporters and politicians just make these issues as big as their asses and stupid people dont use their brains.

    • Not as bad as Pelosi, Schumer, Kennedy, Rangle, Byrd, Obama, etc.

    • . . . and clip interest coupons. The taxpayer will get paid back as all the REO & bad real estate debt gets recycled. In the meantime Wall St and the banks get a fresh start.

    • What a bunch of 1/2 WITS; Piz on it

    • Why the hell didn't you cover?????

    • Obama's tax hikes will fk us just as bad so were really screwed

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