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  • mashiach Sep 22, 2008 9:36 PM Flag

    ((((NEWS JUST OUT BLOOMBERG)))AIG Investors May Demand Vote on Federal Takeover

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    • They can scream at the top of their lungs and pound the table.

      AIG turned the company over to FED and Liddy.

      If the shareholders want to buy the company... fine... go ahead... put together a buyout.

      To say they are going to bump the FED because they have been diluted for 2 years is absurd.

      It is good for news and for "action" but the FED isn't going to let anyone come and buyout the loan... they have a deal and a deal is a deal...

      Remember Chaos is the best time to make money or get wiped out.

      This is RISK TOLERANCE 101... if you are short or on margin or playing the options etc... you are in trouble either way.

      I am in cash... I am not worried about AIG... they survived and will under Liddy.

      It just means I may have to become a long term investor!

      I own WaMu as well... that one has a shorter fuse.. it may go up, down or BK and the Fed and Congress will pass the bill.

      They are all just making points for the press and the american people... we have pros and cons...

      Hold on for 2 more weeks... walk away and count your money and losses later.

      Good Luck!

    • This is VERY good news.....
      Look for law suits to be filed soon
      if Government doesn't let go of it's ownership stake.
      The other ace in the hole is Hank G. I have a feeling he will come through on this.

      I am buying more tomorrow.....

    • AIG too big to fail or worldwide markets collapse

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