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  • ruleroneonine ruleroneonine Sep 24, 2008 8:20 AM Flag

    warren is interested in a couple of aig units


    just now live on cnbc....

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    • Me totally agrees with what the peoples say on dillution value of AIG under a dollor.

      That is why Green burg wants out and has sold many many shares. To be able to bid on Insurance units of AIG and put them into Starr International. He very smart man and knows what is value and what is filled with worthless junk. So he will look close and goe for the good Insurance entity.

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      • Lets see whats up on the chopping block and what will be bid on by the smart money. Greenberg does not want AIG just bits and pieces and the same with Buffet.

        Smart money knows AIG is loaded with land mines of toxic assets and understated liabilitie. Thats what happens when you have State Regulators white washing and looking the other way. Value is not what it appears to be with inflated Finacilial statements.

      • Hey is that chew_poo_ta, or is that Mongo or pigg_latin. Oh yeah, that's all of him. That's right one person with multiple accounts. I guess he knows nobody believes his crap, so he has to use other accounts to agree with himself. Go away you dishonest piece of crap. You are trying to disceive everyone and everyone knows it.

    • Warren is as smart and saavy, if not more, than Greenberg. Greenberg knows which entities are loaded with booby trapped mine field of worthless assets and understated liabilities by their "bundle and/or package name on the F/S"

      Warren will watch closely as Greenburg shows his hand by his interest in certain Insurance Entities for Starr International.

      Greenberg knows the entities that have been white washed by the State Regulators and are full of toxic waste. So Warren has people to let him know which these entities are that the State Regulators looked the other way on to get the Big Checks and Big Conus payments.

    • Buffet is not in the habit of throwing away good money to buy something bad. He will wait it out and see what shakes out before he even considers any little pieces of AIG. He knows there is rot and damage in AIG and there is plenty more bad news to come soon enough.

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      • Have any of you ever made a profit trading stocks? Just curious because the total trash you guys write and rate just blows my mind.

        Wake up to reality. AIG will be $9 in the next couple months and will probably break $6 with the approval of the bail out plan. Get off teh doom and gloom bandwagon and pull your head out of your ass. Embarassing.

      • Just some of the AIG entities and not all of AIG. He knows there are a lot of booby traps in the Insurance entities and wants to make sure that the ones he buys are free of the toxic materials. He knows all about the shell game and will look at assets and liabilities as well as premiums written and earned very closely. Reinsurance that is an actual passing of risk is another issue that he would be well aware of at the AIG entities and will make sure that what is in place is not the "window dressing" that the State Regulators fell for.

    • Warren is in no hurry. He will wait until the "Fire Sale" of Insurance Company's and Insurance Units of AIG before he even considers taking an interest in any buying. Now, with this investigation by the Feds and the FBI on the collapse of AIG he will just sit back and wait till all of the bad news really hits. The true value of these Insurance company's and entities is yet to be determined. I would not put much credibility in the State Regulatory Reports of AIG.

    • so what would be the price today....would it hit 7-8 with warren being interested?

    • Yep, I heard that, too.

    • I beleive this is how it works:

      AIG sells x Unit to Buffet for 2B.
      AIG gives that moeny to Gov to pay down loan.
      AIG keeps selling other Units until 85B paid.
      Gov converts 79.99% pref stock for common shares.
      Gov sells shares in open market.

      Current share value = Remaining company / Current shares + 79.99% shares.

      The question is what will the value be of the Remaining Company. At $5 the value of the Remaining assets are presently valued at $25/Share.

      Hmmmm! We shall see.

    • He will make an offer quickly before getting into a bidding war. Many others are interested too.

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