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  • georgespelvin Oct 1, 2008 5:05 PM Flag

    Can we just have Clinton back?...

    No. Republicans dont like the fact that he has sex under a desk with a young woman with large billowy breasts and soft red lips.

    If it were not for that, yes.

    Republicans are very interested in sex. Other people's sex.

    And God. You have to have no sex and lots of God.

    And kill people in Country X for misdeeds of Country Y, and make great big holes in the ground. Did I leave something out? Oh yes, you need to destroy the SEC, FTC, DOJ (put Fredo in charge...his own moronic words), FCC (Colin Powell's idiot son ran that), and, oh yes, FEMA...which ran perfectly well.

    Oh yes. You need to bring into the American lexicon the phrase Fatherland. Which had not been used since the last days of Hitler. He did nothing but talk of der Faterland.

    This man is an idiot. His poor father. He did not inherit his brains from his dad, he inherited them from his mother. She is a moron. She sits beside her husband when he is being interviewed, basking in her reputation as a classy dame, and whenever they ask her a question she says something so dumb that the sympathetic journalist says nothing and George Sr. looks over at her and says, "Now Barabara." and then she goes back to cocking her head like a Cocker Spaniel and smiling adoringly at her husband. THAT is who George Jr. got his brains from.

    Of course the people who would argue with me cannot be convinced. But then again they believe the earth was created 4,500 years ago in six days and on the seventh day HE rested, even though there are dinosaur turds that date back to 150 million years ago and they know the universe is some 12 BILLION years old.

    But I have to admit the old testament God is very much like these morons. Stupid, cranky, impestuous, cruel, a killer. He could not recognize Jews as he killed the first born Egyptian babies unless the Jews went out and killed a lamb and smeared the blood on that lamb on their doorways. And he killed every man woman and child in Sodom and Gomorrha even though as God he could have killed just the evil ones he did not like.

    Talk about third trimester abortions. God killed more third trimester human souls than any liberal abortion doctors.

    And, of course, now that I have said this, they will come hunting me down with their NRA rifles and if they get me they will smile smugly and pull their belted pants back up over their idiotic beer bellies.

    I used to be a Republican.

    Before it became the party of the fascists and the dolts.

    There is no party for me anymore. There is no party that is NOT A PARTY, just a bunch of people with heads and common sense on their shoulders.

    The idea that regulation is bad for business is as idiotic as the idea that stop lights and stop signs and speed limits are bad for roads or that making murder a CRIME is bad for civil order.

    Where do people like this come from and how did they get any power???

    And how much horrid result has to occur before they become at least open to the idea they are WRONG?

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