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    • From that article: >>>Later, his son (John Morris, 1992) is carrying on the legacy: "the universal Second Law of Thermodynamics shows that things become more disordered through time, not more complex, as evolution insists."<<<

      Simple observation can refute that immediately, since the growth of complex crystals, even ice, is a more ordered system. There are many very complex geodes that occur naturally. Just as all compounds are a more complex composition of basic elements.

      I think the problem is that they are overlooking energy inflows/outflows. If energy is injected (or even relocated within a closed system) then entropy can be reversed.

      A simple example would be that if the gas molecules contained within a bottle were allowed to escape, (through entropy), we could still collect those same molecules and reinstall them in the bottle, reversing entropy. Of course, we would expend energy doing that.

      Thanks, thinking about this clarified a couple of previously foggy thoughts in my head. Life and evolution are easily explained thermodynamically in that context.

    • I got tired of those cutesie winks at Biden, the audience, and directly into the studio cameras.

      Strange women antsie to flirt do not do anything for me when I came to hear something resembling intent.


    • Listen up Fucknutz,

      It was 9 months after chimp boy got elected that America was a attacked not two months before taking office as you sated in your post. The attack happened while the shrub was commander in chief.

      And no America is not safer today..... the two most salient reasons Number 1 being that Bush has destroyed our economy and tripled our national debt. That puts us in a position weakness not strenght..we are now owned by the Chinese and Saudi's.

      Number 2 This ill conceived Iraq war has not only cost taxpayers trillions,
      and taken many promising young lives, it has further served to inflame
      anti-american sentiments abroad making it easier for these terrorist bastards to recruit their army of ideological zombies...thus making us
      even more vulnerable to attack around the world

      Heck of a job! Bushy

      ( Ok now time for the hackneyed Republican was Clintons fault, Carters fault, the democratic parties fault. You people are pathetic
      don't take responsibility for anything.)

    • Non-sequitur. Entropy cannot be discounted. One must consider a closed system for it to have meaning.

      In a closed system, with no net throughput of energy, would increasingly complex systems evolve? If so, then unless that evolution was an exothermic reaction, energy laws would be violated.

      My guess is that any evolution (or even the simplest chemical reaction which would result in a more complex system) would be exothermic within the closed system, and therefore, the increased complexity (reverse entropy)would be balanced by the exothermic reaction.

      If that is the case, then LoT is not violated.

      Now that I think about it. Life has never violated LoT, because in the locally closed system of the earth, the sun was as always pouring in more energy, as well as energy being transferred from within the earth's core. Thus, there was always a surplus of energy being directed into pre-biological systems.

      The increased complexity of life is therefore nothing special when that is considered. No violation of law of thermodynamics necessary. Same with evolutionary processes.

    • I am most interested in the studies of longevity and the shortening of telomeres after continued cell replication.

      I am curious about the process involved there, and its relationships to aging.

      Fascinating stuff. I wish more money would be thrown at that.

    • Primewonk,

      Very interesting article about mutation andevolution.

      One thing that fascinates me, is the answer to the question: "Does the evolution of life violate the principles of thermodynamics and entropy?", (since evolution involves increasingly complex systems).

      Thanks for your post.


    • Tina Fey more qualified to serve than Palin.....she can at least think
      on her feet.........

      For some reason I don't want "Joe Sixpack" in the White House giving
      "shout outs" to third graders......maybe it's just me but that's how I feel.

      Stay classy Palin!!!

    • re:

      <<So you are saying that evolution is a fact and a law, and not a theory?

      Let's see you replicate that experiment, after all isn't that part of the scientific process, independent verification.

      Show me with all our scientific know-how and understanding of genetics how you can take chemicals and proteins, mix them together and create life from something that has no life. >>

      In science a theory is as high as it gets. Theories never get "promoted" to fact or law. Theories exist to explain facts and laws. this is why things like evolution and gravity are both fact and theory. The facts are - evolution happens, gravity happens. We see it every day. The theories are in the why and the how.

      Here is a link to lay article about evolution and e coli -

      By the way, evolution and abiogenesis are two separate fields. Evolution says absolutely nothing about first life. It deals with the diversification of life.

    • Pay higher capital gains under Obama? I would love to pay higher capital gains under Obama. Under Bush all I have is capital losses. I guess you have noticed that in 8 years under Bush the S&P500 is down 6%. No capital gains under an idiot like Bush.


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