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  • shibleequreshi2000 shibleequreshi2000 Nov 1, 2008 5:15 AM Flag


    Using these investers message board to spread hate and racisim. These Hill billie are on welfares and food stamps as always they don't have diem in there pockets to send contribution to McCain campaing so he can buy tv time to spread his message.

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    • Better the republicans than the blood thirsty dumbocrats. Give me give me, give me something for nothing crowd. Well if they get Obama, I will pray for him like I did for Clinton and Bush. But the socialists only pray for themselves and what others can do for them.

    • If you're tired...get your lazy democrat hand out A** in bed.
      And what exactly is a hill billie??? diem??? campiang????welfares???
      Proof that democrats ran their mouth instead of studying.'s a plague...get an education!


    • and what country are you from? Or are you just another victim of the Dems crappy education system and simply iliterate?

      You hate republicans so you're basically saying:

      I want my taxes raised, please raise them.

      I want my hard earned money to go to those who don't work.

      I want the sanctity of my marriage soured by queers marrying also. BTW, I'm gay.

      I want to believe that Obama will only raise taxes on those dirty rich people. (Uh, not going to happen, once again middle class is going to take it in the shorts).

      I want more corporations to move their jobs abroad, so let's increase their tax burden to make sure of it.

      I want to pretend Obama will stop the war. Of course now he says it'll be up to commanders on the ground.

      I want a historic first black president. Sorry, a black man is not running for president. A half white/black guy, mulatto, is running.

      I want a hug, because I'm stupid.

      Is that you? Gotta be if you buy into the dem drivel.

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      • <<<<I want the sanctity of my marriage soured by queers marrying also. BTW, I'm gay.>>
        I am against gay marrages too but what the other person does is non of my business just like if beauti Queen of Alaska 17 years daughteris have child out of wedlock (In old days we used to call that BASTARD CHILD) is none of my business.

      • <<I want my taxes raised, please raise them.>>>

        Not worry about taxes Republican deformed chimpanzee from Texas destroyed American stock market so invester like me not worry about tax.
        <<<I want my hard earned money to go to those who don't work.>> No I want morons like you and Joe the Plumber who bragg about having $250,000 to buy business but owe $1,000 in back taxes. Its tax cheaters like you and Joe the Plumber who are burdan on our tax system, if tax evaders like you and Joe the shit head pay there fair shares of taxes no one have to raise taxes.

      • m8kingmoola you must be Joe the moron plumber who have $250,000 saved up to buy plumbing business but still owe $1,000 in back taxes. Republicans SOB typical liers like G W Bush and Joe the Plumber.

    • I see just as many obama posts on these boards as mccain. I do not wish to discuss my political views on here, but i do not understand why people come on this website to do so.

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