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  • pranalad pranalad Apr 23, 2009 10:04 AM Flag

    AIG appears to be going down today.

    It has stayed up with respectable strength the last few days, but it looks as if it will cave in a bit today...
    We'll see...

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    • Now what did I do?

    • You're pathetic.
      Do me a favor and get lost.
      Don't bother me with your stupid distractions any longer.

    • Now you see Pran, you totally flew off the handle with the lady again. WZU is a fine patriotic loving woman who loves her husband and country. Why would you speak to a lady that way. I is not gentlemanly of you. And to pass judgment on her Christianity well the Lord will not take that lightly. Please say two Our Fathers and one Act of Contrition and you will be absolved of your sins my son.

      Our Father, who art in heaven,
      Hallowed be thy Name.
      Thy kingdom come.
      Thy will be done,
      On earth as it is in heaven.
      Give us this day our daily bread.
      And forgive us our trespasses,
      As we forgive those who trespass against us.
      And lead us not into temptation,
      But deliver us from evil.
      [For thine is the kingdom,
      and the power, and the glory,
      for ever and ever.

      Act of Contrition

      O my God, I am heartily sorry for
      having offended you, and I detest
      all my sins, because of Your just
      punishments, but most of all because
      they offend You, my God, who are
      all-good and deserving of all my love.
      I firmly resolve, with the help of
      Your grace, to sin no more and to
      avoid the near occasion of sin.

    • I did that? Over pricing! No!

      I must say Pran you have been a pretty good sport with me and have not used slurs in response to my post.

      You know at night after hours a lot of people chat about off topic stuff. It ain't gonna end even if you or I stop, bitch, whine, moan or throw colorful metaphors at the posters.
      It's fun to share ideas and it gets old just talking about backing up the truck or what do you think AIG will open or close at or Liddy is a fking prick or Greenberg's dick is shriveled up or when do we gap up or down. I mean we watch all day what is going on and we have total assholes saying the meanest stuff when all you want to see is a few pennies on the investment you made with your hard earned money. People have every right to pump or bash but not to insult people or be cruel!
      That is what gets me the cruel and insulting part and when someone does that I have an urge to respond.
      I guess I am just a sensitive guy!
      If you tell me how you feel like right now I would never insult you, although I might disagree and debate your position I am willing to agree to just disagree.

    • Who the hell are you ?

    • For the record, you should spend some time and do your homework.
      Go back and look through my responses to posts that you and Dan have made.
      While I openly attack your political rants, I at least have the courtesy of leaving alone posts where you actually talk about AIG.
      At least I tell the difference between spam and on-topic posts, and I haven't insulted any of your AIG-related posts (or at least not more than once or twice).
      You are uncouth and shameless in your responses, where you try to attack posts that are not even political, and merely about AIG's price.
      There IS a difference...

    • I guess I'm just sick of all this stupidity. It's getting old.

    • Why are you wasting your time with this guy?

    • Hey Pran...I am going to be as nice as possible...You throw out insults at people, and get enraged at them, and then you obvioiusly get very hurt or bothered when it is done to you...Well, you shouldn't give it if you can't take it. You feel like you can tell everyone what to do, or not do, but you feel you are above been told the same. I really don't care, but if you do, then someone has to is my olive branch, you can take it or leave it...But if you don't take it don't blame me for responding to an insult, because I have every right to defend myself and I have every right to post my opinions just like everyone else on this board, including you.

    • you go buddy. Just don't hurt yourself... lol.

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