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  • mccarver08 mccarver08 Jul 11, 2009 1:17 PM Flag

    The American Revolution

    In the first revolution we fought against large armies dressed in bright, red coats. We could see our enemy clearly. Now, the enemy of our children and our futures are those that we have long entrusted with power and authority to guide our country. From generation to generation this elite group has gotten richer and more powerful throughout the world. No, our enemy is not a military or even "world terrorism". In fact, the "War on Terror" is a very well orchestrated covert plan to give the government the eternal blessing to go anywhere in the world anytime they want,and conduct military operations, uniformed and covert, in the name of fighting terrorism. It really allows the corrupt super wealthy to use the U.S. military to protect their monetary interests anywhere they see fit. Our enemy is the government and their money laundering businesse, AIG, FNM, FRE, C,BAC, GE, GS, MS, and their managing director, the FED. The government knows they could never manage to take the arms from the American people through force. That would be too blatant. And they can't take away free speech. So what can they do? They can take away the wealth of the middle class and space the rungs on the ladder too far apart to make riches attainable for those at the bottom. Yes, most of you who read this are considered the "middle class". But things are changing. The rich are getting richer, and the middle class(notice I didn't the "poor")are getting poorer. Most that have worked and saved all their lives have seen their wealth diminished by the market and lossed equity in property. They will tax anyone who is ambitious enough to try and start their own business. And anyone who still has "dry powder" left for the market rebound, will be taxed extensively to pay for the bonuses of the friends of the super elite. Look at the boards and execs of the AIG's, GS's, and the likes. They now own your money and your children's money. Yes, my friend, our leaders have sold us out. We are not a democracy anymore and your vote does'nt count. Look at the pictures of the politicians, the execs, the boards of directors...they own you and your children now.

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    • dear fellow,
      although i think you are right in your distrust of govts, it's been written long ago not to trust them.
      Psalms 146:3-4 plainly says not to put your trust in Nobles (princes/men).it ALWAYS leads to disappoinment

      also the bible states that men are not your biggest enemy, but that Satan and his demons are the real power behind powers that are seen. (Rev 12:9)
      America is just an other great world power used by Satan. It's just an other in a long line of successional man killer govts. that ruin the planet and make miseral all life on it.
      ? what govt. in all of history wasn't ?

    • Interesting off topic post.

      While I see some of your points (very good debatable items btw), I would disagree that America has ever been a "democracy", meaning the people ruled. We are a "republic" (I pledge allegiance to the flag...and to the republic for which it stands), meaning we elect other people to represent us. It's a more efficient form of government for large empires/countries.

      Anyhow, those who are elected to represent the masses are generally the rich, wealthy, nobles...etc. Since the founding of our country, the majority of those in power/ruling class have been rich, wealthy, nobles...etc. The common folk were either too uneducated or too unresourceful to be in those power positions.

      In today's political climate, you must be 1) Rich (majority of Senators are millionaires), 2) A Lawyer (majority of Congress have law degrees, and 3) Be a Dem/Rep as the two parties are the dominant paths to get elected.

      Your vote does count...don't despair against the overwhelming status quo. What makes America great is that you CAN, despite the odds, change your fate. It starts with voting regularly at the polls, then running for your local school board, city council, then state legislation....

      You will need alot of resources so...keep shorting AIG and you'll make it mccarver08!

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