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  • ilirian97 ilirian97 Aug 29, 2009 4:47 AM Flag

    12.46 eps next yr = $1.6 Billion net profit

    This company is a cash making machine now after getting rid of the money losing trading unit. That 1yr Net profit amounts to 20% of the entire mkt cap.

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    • You guys keep counting just the stock chaser's floating shares.

      Recalculate that number after it's diluted with the Government's 80%.

      And why would you think their trading unit would lose money on a 56% increase in the market over the last few months?

      But that's ok... Take that 1.6 Billion net, and divide it into that 180 billion they owe. Let me know how long it's going to take them to pay back the government if they use every dime of profit they make. A hundred years or so?

      You stock chasers tickle me to death. If you guys would just learn what you own here, you'd run so fast for the exit, the turnstile would take off like a helicopter blade.

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