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  • archarch_60477 archarch_60477 Aug 31, 2009 6:42 AM Flag

    wonder if ceberus owns AIG


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    • OBAMA uses the Castro, Chavez model
      Ace Greenberg and family still have 100s million$? He must be laughing at you?
      ‘Report: Biden's Son, Brother Marketed Hedge Fund Through Stanford Company
      Vice President Joe Biden's brother and son ran a fund of hedge funds marketed by companies controlled by disgraced Texas billionaire R. Allen Stanford, according to a report published in the Wall Street Journal.’
      WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Lawrence Summers, a top economic adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama, was paid about $5.2 million by hedge fund D.E. Shaw in the past year, financial disclosure forms released by the White House showed on Friday.Summers, a former U.S. Treasury secretary and Harvard University president, also was paid $2.7 million in speaking fees by a range of organizations and companies, including several troubled Wall Street financial firms, they showed.

      Gee why bailout AIG?
      AIG now says it paid out more than $454 million in bonuses to its employees for work performed in 2008.
      'Hedge funds are typically open only to a limited range of professional or wealthy investors.' Friends of………….?
      'Hedge funds are typically open only to a limited range of professional or wealthy investors. This provides them with an exemption in many jurisdictions from regulations governing short selling, derivative contracts, leverage, fee structures and the liquidity of interests in the fund. A hedge fund will nevertheless commit itself to a particular investment strategy, and therefore often particular investment types and leverage levels, via statements in its offering documentation, thereby giving investors some certainty regarding the nature of the fund.'
      Do not pay on credit default swaps! They are not regulated and therefore should not be enforce!
      This guy makes it simple for the dumb tax payer
      ‘Eric Dinallo, superintendent of New York State's Insurance Department, railed on Friday against AIG's failed business model, likening its insuring credit-default swaps as gambling with somebody else's money. "It's like taking insurance on your neighbor's house and even maybe contributing to blowing it up," he said at a panel sponsored by New York University's Stern School of Business.’
      Here is the laugh.
      Citi spends $3.5M to reward Smith Barney brokers.
      “These are predatory schemes designed to rob Americans of their savings and potentially their homes," Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said. "We will shut down fraudulent companies more quickly than before. We will target companies that otherwise would have gone unnoticed under the radar."Now your tax money go to citi and your house is gone. How foolish do you feel?
      GM and chrysler receive billion of you tax payers' money. You can't afford a vacation. They have billions for people who don't work!
      'GM's plan is estimated to be $20 billion, or about 20 percent underfunded, while Chrysler's plan is 34 percent underfunded, leading to a $9 billion-plus shortfall, the agency said. Ford's funded ratio is not publicly available, but the company's pension plans are likely running at a $12 billion deficit, it said.'
      While the former USA is changing laws and policies as it grows, Nowhere? Revoke all trusts or reduce to max $3,000,000.00 per trust, Declare banks insolvent. Payout the max $250,000.00 FDIC! Get the money circulating! ? If Buffet, Gates and other billionaires were to die the inheritors’ tax kicks in at 3 million and the rest of the money goes to the people(new government) of the former USA.

    • many fools
      While Obama is mortgaging your children’s’ future executives are security their children’s’ future!
      You sniveling little ingrate! While you and your families’ worry about day to day existents, putting food on the table, a roof over your heads. I have to worry about the life style of my family, my families’ families and many more generations to come! I have more houses than you have cars! I seldom put my hands in my pockets. The company owes me! Long after I am gone from this company, I will be sucking from the bottom line! You small minded people do you realise money does not grow on trees. We must take from your pathetic existence. The food from your tables, the roofs over your heads!
      How can I do this you ask?
      I am ‘EXECUTIVE!”

      USA went into a sovereign nation. Removed their leader and hung him. Killed his children. Took his money! Killed a few of his friends.
      Why can't it be done with CEOs, CFOs, executives and their families?
      It actually works!

      All VOLUNTEERS! Or as some might say suckers ‘WASHINGTON – Outside the Veterans Affairs Department, severely wounded veterans have faced financial hardship waiting for their first disability payment. Inside, money has been flowing in the form of $24 million in bonuses.’
      An American service member died Friday(August 28, 2009)
      Thursday, August 27, 2009
      KABUL: Another two US soldiers were killed Wednesday in attacks in insurgent flashpoints of Afghanistan, NATO announced.
      August 25th, 2009
      KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — Four U.S. service members were killed Tuesday after a roadside bomb exploded in southern Afghanistan, U.S. forces in the country confirmed to CNN.
      August 19th, 2009
      3 U.S. troops killed Wednesday in southern Afghanistan
      August 18, 2009 WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Vietnam veteran and Bronze Star recipient who volunteered to return to the Army and serve in Afghanistan became the oldest U.S. service member to die in combat there, the U.S. military announced Friday.
      First Sgt. Jose San Nicolas Crisostomo was killed by a roadside bomb in Kabul on Tuesday while riding in an armored Humvee.
      His body was flown to the United States early Thursday morning.
      Crisostomo of Spanaway, Washington, was 59.
      August 6, 2009 four U.S. Marines died in a roadside bombing in western Afghanistan.
      Aug. 1, 2009 -- Afghanistan, three American soldiers were killed Saturday
      U.S. military's rising death toll, which reached 43 in July
      July 20, 2009 A roadside bomb killed four American troops in eastern Afghanistan on Monday
      July 17, 2009 Bombs kill 4 US soldiers in Afghanistan
      July 15, 2009 ‘At least 46 American troops have been killed by I.E.D.'s this year’
      July 14, 2009 Two U.S. Marines died Monday during a "hostile incident" in southern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said Tuesday.
      July 12, 2009 Bomb blasts killed four U.S. Marines in southern Afghanistan, where thousands of American troops have deployed in recent weeks as part of an offensive in the country's dangerous drug-producing region, an official said Sunday.
      ‘2 US troops die in attack on base in Afghanistan’
      4th July 2009. Get it they were attacked!
      4th July Yeah, right. Died: 8 soldiers in Afghanistan during the past 2 days.
      Dear Persons,
      I am a person who has worked hard and mostly played by the rules. I implore you; the country you first fought for no longer exists. From this day on you are fighting for King Hussein and his Nobles. If you should die, fighting who you think is the enemy, you are no longer fighting for the people of the former United States of America! I consider you a fool! IDIOTS!

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