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  • stocker4949 stocker4949 Mar 3, 2010 12:34 PM Flag

    Whoever prays for a crash. Read this and go clean.

    If we do, indeed, have the P3 crash in the market as many of you are praying for (not just predicting, but on your hands and knees supplicating the almighty God for) I hope you will be happy carrying around your cash in a wheelbarrow hoping to find some place that is still in business to sell you food to eat and clothes to wear at ridiculous prices. And good luck getting home without someone on the street stealing your ill-gotten gains.I am all for free market movement, both up and down, long and short, bull and bear. There has to be a balance and there is a consistent cycle to this game as we all know. I have said before, it is naive to be a perma-anything in this market. You can never catch the high, nor the low, you just try to make money in between in either direction as often as you can. But some of you seem to be cheerleading for the complete collapse of civilization. I hope you live on a farm and can provide your own subsistence when your predictions all come true. You would be surprised how much your livelihood depends on the peaceful existence of the masses who would surely revolt if the DOW goes down to 1000 as some have said on this board. Be careful what you are wishing for...

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