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  • daveparker0808 daveparker0808 Apr 10, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    Vivid Ent. to buy Ricks.. The wheel has already started to turn with the branding... $15/share.

    Eric has grown it and now will sell it to the PROs of the sex industry.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Eric has boondoggeled this public company.
      I was expecting a professionally run business with foresite and business suavy. Instead we get small mind thinking of drunken little boys who think it's only as easy as putting T & A's on a dance floor, to music.
      More shops with the same mindset means more pitiful results.
      Go ahead management. After 6 years, show me a return on the invested dollar. I'm waiting for an inteligent reply.

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      • This has been an unproductive investment for the past 5 years, but the company has made progress, even if the stock price does not reflect it. Their decision to enter the Vegas market was a disaster. It was poorly timed, and way too expensive. However, at the time, most people thought it was a great opportunity (me included). Hind sight is always 20-20.
        If you gave mgmt back the $15-20 million lost in Vegas, the company would be in a completely different position. That Vegas loss would have funded another 10 clubs in this timeframe. I'm holding on for the long term.

      • Eric has made mistakes, but now is not the time to be short this stock. Now with revenues ramping and such a good report last quarter. Even if you are totally right about Eric doing a poor job, it will sell for 1.5 book and low teens. Its a cash cow and investors love that flow. Im a huge buyer at these levels.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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