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  • rickarooski rickarooski May 22, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    RICK at 5.80 AGAIN! op of the worked-channel, or .......?

    If RICK management had ANY smarts, better yet, consideration for the shareholder, they'd have hired / bought / paid / negotiated / rented SOMEONE who knew the market. That way, when the much anticipated short up to 8.80 happened (AGAIN) that the offensive play would be to burn the programmed shenenigans and nip it. We'll see by day's end if RICK management gave the OK for someone who knows the market to fix this broken equity.

    Remember, they have the approval of a healthy buy-back as the weapon o choice.
    BTW RICK. It'll take a concerted and continuous effort to disuade these bozos. It WON'T Be a one and done!!!

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    • Or here is a thought...... Maybe Management should focus on running the company. Developing cash flow and perfecting and expanding operations. Maybe some refinancing of debt would be timely. Keeping costs contained would also be good. I'd like to see airplane expenses and Management salaries reduced and compensation tied to intermediate term stock performance and EPS numbers.

      Smart money should be accumulating here. I'm not surprised with this low float that someone is manipulating the stock to accumulate a large position. This will pop suddenly one day and we could easily see $20+ per share just a few years down the road.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My bad. Should be 8.80 and not 5.80

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      • One final point management.
        You can actually BUY some shares one your own account.
        Use that same entity that you (SHOULD HAVE) hired to watch the trading action of the RICK-channel, and ask them to infiltrate the float with share that you want to BUY for your own account!!

        If you actually buy some yourself instead of waiting for FREE OPTIONS that'll tell someone that management is behind their company. In the absense of a 1-time-dividend, that's the least you can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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