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  • heisenberg_blue heisenberg_blue Feb 11, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

    Debt grew another 24.4% to $87.65M, that's a record!

    Debt up 24.4%
    Revenue up 8%
    Earnings down 10.7%
    Operating cashflow down 6.33%
    Aircraft up 100% to 4 from 2.

    I had to sneek in one more post for my fan club.

    I bet my Fannie at $2.98 will crush RICK many times over again this year. And look at that SNE go with $21.38B in cash and monster cash flow while selling way below it's $29 book value. Cha-ching cha-ching....

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Alex laughed at me, but my FNMA is already up 20% and SNE up 10% while RICK is down 7%;

      oraclealex • Feb 10, 2014 8:38 PM

      Wait......your long?????? WHAT? I don't know what is more funny.......your long Rick's or you think FNMA and SNE are great stocks?

      BTW, I sold out of RICK yesterday and shorted the S&P 500 at 1858 (SDS $28.98)

    • You go buy more fannie commons. that is the wrong part of the capital structure to be investing in buddy. That investment will be one of those, even if you're right, you're wrong exercises.

      Debt is up, but so is assets, if you knew the business better, you would understand that the nature of the industry doesn't allow for operating leases and thus off balance sheet financing like a normal chain restaurant. That's why they are doing the REIT conversion / sale to unlock the value, and creating a underserved REIT niche at the same time.

      Earnings are down due to weather, look at nat gas. But earnings are pretty good relatively and was surprising thanks to the superbowl. You also had a debt settlement item and operating launch costs from the vivid ny location. Back those out nd it was a good quarter. Bottom line, undercovered and misunderstood.

      There is some fiduciary risk with the airplanes and the operations of vivid LA is not so good, but I think they need to remarket that location to the right target market, and perhaps next time choose a better location such as the strip or westside, and they could better maximize the brand equity with more affluent clientele.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I thought you were going away? Not surprised as this is yet another example of you lack of credibility.

      Let me help you (AGAIN) with a judge Judy-esque analogy.
      Let's say that Ms. Heins-blue bought a house for his/her family. That bozo is in debt for the mortgage as she didn't have enough funds to buy it outright. Within a year, this same moron, knowing they're in debt for the house, go out and buy a car. Yep, they get a loan which yields additional debt. Add a vacation into the mix and you'd think that this goofy family (you might know them well) was fiscally irresponsible.

      But guess what. This is how the world works. In order to get ahead you take out loans and some risk. You make payments towards your debt and after a while the vacation, the car, and ultimately the house, is paid off.
      So help me here. Toyota had to build HUGE factories in TN in order to get manufacturing here. Intel and Microsoft had to build HUGE facilities for manufacturing. CMG (My own personal "I don't get it!") is building burrito chops all over the place. And with each new building, I don't hear anyone talking about the debt burden.

      So again .Move on to the next topic All you're doing is making yourself look like an axe. The loan / repayment issue isn't new to RICK. But it IS one that you choose to make an issue. Perhaps the sun rising and falling will be your next endeavor to complain about as that is ALSO a natural event.

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